By Leah Banks

PEACHTREE CITY — On Saturday, The Peachtree City Running Club, Tri-PTC and RunHNL are teaming up and lacing up their shoes again for the 7th edition of the Peachtree City Marathon Relay. 

After a brief hiatus, the race will return to Drake Field in Peachtree City where participants and spectators alike can come and enjoy the fun. 

Teams of four runners will combine to run a marathon, with each runner completing a 10K run, which totals to each runner completing 6.2 miles. 

According to the Peachtree City Running Club, the event is a great opportunity to meet new runners and engage in friendly competition. The important thing to note is that the race is one for all runners of all speeds and experience with an emphasis on individual teammates coming together to achieve a great goal.

This year’s race has a total of 52 registered runners signed up to take to the routes and loops.

The teams will be assigned based on the speed of each runner according to their estimated 10K finish time. Each team will have runners that vary in skill, experience and speed. 

The race ends with food and fellowship and the top three teams will receive awards. The winning team will have their names engraved on the coveted Peachtree City Marathon Relay Cup. 

Check in begins at 6 a.m., with runners able to meet their teammates and check out the routes for each loop. The race begins at 7 a.m.