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Peachtree City council approves SPLOST wish list

Peachtree City took their next step forward in the countywide effort to get a SPLOST vote on the November 2017 ballot with their city council’s unanimous approval of a project list.
With the council’s support, City Manager Jon Rorie will now work with the other city managers and the county manager to develop an intergovernmental agreement (IGA). An IGA and project lists in hand, a resolution presentation will be made at the July 14 County Commission meeting asking the commissioners for their approval and to forward it to the state’s superintendent of elections by August 22.
“What’s before us now is we need to get this before and meet some kind of checkmarks with the county commissioners,” said Rorie. “Ultimately, it is a special purpose tax countywide, and the only ones who can call for that are county commissioners. The cities do not have any say whatsoever in terms of calling for a ballot initiative regarding to a SPLOST. All we’re doing is working with the county to try to develop a very feasible project list as we go forward.”
In February of this year, the council approved the creation of the Infrastructure Advisory Group which was tasked with narrowing down potential projects totaling roughly $83 million, whittling it down through a number of meetings to approximately $42 million of prioritized projects by the May 19 council meeting. Taking in feedback at council meetings and a June 7 city council retreat workshop, the project list was fine-tuned further.
“The resolution (to be approved by the county commission) must list projects. It cannot be vague. That’s why we spent all of this time going through the project list,” said Rorie, adding, “Even though it becomes the official SPLOST list moving forward, it is still up for consideration and could be modified up to the point of the county adopting a resolution and calling on that for the elections superintendent.”
With SPLOST revenues split based on 2010 census population numbers, Peachtree City would be set to get a 32.2-percent piece of the pie. With a one-percent SPLOST, the city would generate roughly $37,580,607 over a five-year term or $45,344,207 over a six-year term. Rorie noted that the projections are based on a five-year SPLOST, but that the cities are united in requesting the call for a six-year term.
A SPLOST could be a huge boost to needed infrastructure work, while having a minimal impact on taxpayers.
“With a one-percent SPLOST, to generate the same level of revenue to attack the needs of this community in terms of resurfacing, public safety, things of that nature, we would have to approach an ad valorem tax increase of roughly 3.89 mills on your current tax rate to accomplish the same goal,” said Rorie.
The project list is split into two tiers, Tier 1 representing those that would fit under a 5-year SPLOST at an estimated $35,001,699 with $2,578,908 undesignated. The bulk would go to transportation-related projects at $22,291,500. Staff also recommended moving funding for the Cultural/Performing Arts Center into Tier 1 for $2,494,000.
Five public safety projects, including vehicles and equipment, total an estimated $2,130,100. A new passive park at Lake Peachtree, a new bridge to All Children’s Playground at Drake Field, a splash pad at Glenloch Recreation Pool, and a new restroom facility at Line Creek Nature Area Park total up to $1,023,000 for parks and recreation. Road resurfacing and maintenance accounts for $19,926,500. Work at Crosstown and Peachtree Parkway, 54 and Planterra Way, 54 and MacDuff Parkway, and 74 and N. Kedron Drive total up to $2,365,000 for safety and operational intersection improvements. Pathways access and connectivity enhancements come to $3,793,099. Pathways tunnel and bridge maintenance comes to $4,114,000. Lake Peachtree spillway/dam enhancement totals $1,650,000.
The full list of potential SPLOST projects can be found on the city’s website at www.peachtree-city.com.

By Christopher Dunn

Managing Editor Christopher Dunn has been with the Fayette County News since 2011, in addition to running Fayette Victory magazine. He is a graduate of Fayette County schools, as well as a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism. Follow him on twitter @fayettesports.