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PALS Pageant makes special students stars for a night

IMG_1392aIMG_1485aThe PALS Pageant keeps getting better and better. The third edition on Saturday night at Starr’s Mill High showed the continued growth of the special night, with another big crowd and even more participants. The PALS Pageant is a night to celebrate truly extraordinary students along with the people who love and support them.
The pageant is put on by the PALS (Peers Are Linking Students) Club, a group that focuses on building bonds between regular education students and special needs students. Each special needs student gets dressed up in their finest outfit, whether it’s a formal gown or a nice suit, and is escorted by a regular education student, or maybe even two for a few lucky ones. After they are all introduced, there comes the talent portion where many show off the skills they’ve worked so hard to perfect. It’s hard not to get chills seeing them give it their all and be rewarded with thunderous applause from both family and friends.
Organized by Starr’s Mill PALS sponsor Jenny Bellamy, the event was the brainchild of two former SMHS students, Sarah Boyd and Lizzie Keown. Both Boyd and Keown came back from college for the weekend to host again. Brooke Underwood and Caroline Dillon were the emcees for the night. In addition to Bellamy at Starr’s Mill, the PALS sponsors from Whitewater, Tommy Collins, and McIntosh, Olivia Hanie, played a huge role into putting the night together. There were too many sponsors and other volunteers to list that helped make the pageant possible, including a silent auction and bake sale.
This year’s People’s Choice Award winners were Corrie Williamson and Corbett Dishman.
There were even more participants showing off their talents with 16 performances in total. Nicholas Walker played guitar and sang Bob Marley’s “Three little birds,” Jisoo Moon played the keyboard, Wright Hood sang True Colors, Corrie Williamson read the Atlanta Hawks roster, Kimberly Ware and Josh Edwards sang “Summer Nights” from Grease, Rachel DeMarcus, Holly Schwantes, Zoe Underwood, Mitchell Tompkins, Terry Newson, and Ike Kamalu danced to “We will rock you,” Helena Fickling danced, Sydney Emanuele did a step performance to “Put a ring on It” by Beyonce, Corbett Dishman and Madeline Cook danced to Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” Natalie Kravchuk read a poem, Mikey Pruitt played her guitar and sang “You’ve got to hide your Love Away” by the Beatles, Devin Phelan and Wright Hood danced to “Turn down for what,” Alex Goodman danced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off,” Ike Kamalu performed the theme Popeye, Diego Angarita played the electric guitar, and Miranda Mascara and Matthew Hayes, and Chelsey Johnson and Gabe Mann showed off their ballroom dancing skills.
IMG_1216aThis year’s participants were Alex Goodman and Adam Goodman, Melanie Garlock and Mason Tompkins, Kimberly Ware and Joshua Edwards, Emily Miller and Mitchell Tompkins, Emily Smith and Zoe Underwood and Nicholas Walker, Valerie Phon and Sean Blithe, Elise Mackanych and Luke Cardon, Caitlin Riley and Derek Isaiah Baughan, Sydney Emanuele and Patrick Farrell, Rachel Karka and Christopher Carnahan, Meg Zimmerman and Jisoo Moon, Mikey Pruitt and  Whitney Guest and Mason Mascara, Abby Smithwick and Corbett Dishman, Kendall Lenz and Austin Dreadon, Helena Fickling and Marcus Mascara, Corrie Williamson and Blain Williamson, Natalie Stembridge and Devin Phelan, Maya Davis and Alex Gibson, Ansley Armagost and Terry Newson, Miranda Mascara and Matthew Hayes, Holly Schwantes and Mitch Pattison, Natalie Kravchuk and Jennifer Bradshaw and Ike Kamalu, Rachel DeMarcus and Eric Sutliff, Adia Turner and Wright Hood, Taylor Dolsak and Madeline Cook and Drew Dickinson, Chelsey Johnson and Gabe Mann, and Caroline Dillon and Diego Angarita.


To see more photos from the pageant, click [btn type=”default or primary or success or info or warning or danger or link” link=”http://www.cdphotography23.com/News/PALS-Pageant-2015/”]here[/btn].

By Christopher Dunn

Managing Editor Christopher Dunn has been with the Fayette County News since 2011, in addition to running Fayette Victory magazine. He is a graduate of Fayette County schools, as well as a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism. Follow him on twitter @fayettesports.