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A year ago, there was some big hoopla going around about seeing some special moon that only is visible every few decades, but I don’t remember the specific name for that phenomena. There are so many types of moons I am supposed to be looking for, I can’t keep up.
There are many lovely sentiments that go with the word ‘moon.’ I love the expression, “I love you to the moon and back.” I also love this book, “Love You Forever.” It doesn’t have anything to do with a moon; I just like it. One reason I like it is because of the cover. There is a 2-year-old sitting on the floor of a bathroom next to a toilet with toilet paper all off its roll and all over him. This toddler is just so proud of himself holding up some strips of the paper high above his head.
That cover was once my life. Bathroom humor – it’s a double entendre, you know. Having only sons, I had to make some major adjustments in life such as “going along to get along” in this male-dominated family – laughing instead of getting really grossed out. Maybe I even became used to it.
Yes, I am trying to make a point.
One of my girlfriends is a flight attendant and was on a layover somewhere in Europe at one of their nude beaches. Mind you, she wasn’t nude. While lying in her lounge chair she sent me a close-up picture of a moon. Yes, a moon. Not the one in the sky but the one that boys (and some girls) don’t mind showing you. She knew I’d laugh because, well, it’s bathroom humor and I’d become accustomed.
If you are not familiar with the term mooning, let me catch you up. Mooning is the recreational act of baring one’s bottom in public with the intention of it being seen by people who don’t want, or expect, to see it. Boys are probably more often baring their buttocks than girls. Why do I say that? It’s a one step process with males. They can drop their drawers and their trousers with one sweep. Girls, and notice I did not say ladies, will usually have to pull up their dress and then drop their drawers. The moment to shock might be lost in the two-step process.
Because the exposed moon on a beach full of tourists is not seen very often in America, my girlfriend decided to send me the sight she was seeing while sitting on that beach. It wasn’t very pretty. And this was about the time of whenever some much-ballyhooed moon event was taking place in 2018. With my warped sense of humor from hanging out with all the males in my house, I shared on a closed community of humorists on Facebook this beach beauty’s rompos pompus. I used her and her thong as my back drop with this saying “They told me to take a picture of the moon, but I guess I took the wrong one.”
And, boy, did I get a backlash. I thought I was making a funny about the literal word, moon, and its urban dictionary definition. The readers were upset that I was body-shaming this female because of her oversize body and that strip on her backside she called a thong.
Where did that jump come from? I didn’t even know what body-shaming was until it was mentioned online. I guess I should have but because her body size was not my target, just her derriere, I was taken aback as they bullied me to take it down. I did.
Is mooning only a Southern thing? I think not. But then again, I was wrong in thinking I was making a funny play on words.