By Sydney Spencer

Store owner Latasha Harris is still running her wholesale hair supply business smoothly after her hair shop was broken into during Memorial Day weekend, resulting in at least $40,000 worth of merchandise stolen.

And she’s offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Harris told the Fayette County News she is willing to pay $5,000 to anyone who knows who the person is that committed the crime.

“We put the video that we have of his face online and we’re giving out a $5,000 reward for someone who can lead to his arrest,” said Harris.

Security cameras show what appeared to be a man running back-and-forth multiple times with garbage bags full of all kinds of hair at the Storage XXtra Office Suites business located just off U.S. 85, Harris said.

“This happened at 2:40 or 3 o’clock in the morning, and he was here for 43 minutes,” Harris said of the May 29 robbery.  “He came back-and-forth four times after surveying the area. It was all hair, like wigs, front lace wigs, HD wigs, bundles and hair extensions. All we sell is hair products, because we are a whole seller. He filled his trash bags that he brought with him and after he filled his, he used ours.”

Because it was early morning before dawn, the incident happened while Harris was away from the store, and no one else in the shopping plaza saw what was going on. The first to report the door glass being shattered was a store owner adjacent to Harris, but that person declined to comment for this story.

The thief went to great lengths to pull off the robbery, proclaimed Harris.

“The car that he used, he parked on 85 and ran back-and-forth with the garbage bags four times from what I saw on the camera. The actual plaza has the feed where I could see his license plate and tags, so I am waiting and want that feed,” said Harris.

To help ensure that this kind of situation never happens again, Harris has put in significant upgrades to the store’s security system.

“I feel violated. Burglaries are usually in-and-out, not three and four times. We upped our security, so it’s definitely not going to happen again. The security is upgraded at this point,” said Harris.

Though a substantial amount of product was stolen from the Hair Xchange, business continues to run and grow, Harris said.

“He never stopped anything. It’s running constantly. Just because he did what he did, it did not stop the business,” said Harris.