On Oct. 7 at Peachtree City’s Falcon Field, Challenge Air will help some special kids tap into a love of flying. (Special Photos)

by Riley Hicks

Some kids with disabilities face the hardest challenges in life and have a difficult time overcoming them, but the Challenge Air Program plans to give these kids a chance to soar past those limitations. On Oct. 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Peachtree City’s Falcon Field, they will host a “Fly Day,” which allows the children to fly in an airplane free of charge with the help of a few local volunteer pilots.

Challenge Air is a 501-nonprofit organization that was established back in 1993. Through the years, the organization has inspired over 36,000 kids with special needs in 36 different states. Their motto is “You just flew an airplane, just think what else you can do!”

The day does not just consist of flying in an airplane. The program also includes an educational ground school that teaches kids the forces of flight, along with showing them how other pilots with physical challenges fly in specially-equipped airplanes.

At the end of the day, the children will jump into the co-pilot seat and tour around Peachtree City.

A few other activities are planned as well throughout the event. This year’s event is sponsored by Fulton Services, Plumbworks, and several other local companies in the community.

For those interested in being a pilot, sponsor or volunteer, please visit www.challengeair.org or call 214-351-3353.