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North Jeff Davis lights to go full-cycle Feb. 8

(Photo courtesy of City of Fayetteville)

The new traffic signals located above North Jeff Davis Drive at the Kathi Avenue intersection will be switched to full-cycle as early as Wednesday, Feb. 8, according to Fayetteville Public Services Director Chris Hindman.

Hindman said Thursday the signals, which were installed and activated as flashing lights a couple of weeks ago, have already been tested as full-cycle lights at least once, and more testing is expected before they go into permanent service as early as the 8th.

As well, the new roadways connecting North Jeff Davis Drive with Hwy. 92 North and Hood Avenue on the west side of Hwy. 85 is expected to open sometime next week, but not necessarily at the same time as the new traffic signals are switched to full-cycle. A central roundabout located on the new roadway between Michael’s and Heritage Bank will also connect motorists further south to Georgia Avenue and on to Hwy. 54 along a newly-built Church Street extension.

“We’re excited about getting these final phases of the Hwy. 92 and Hood Avenue Realignment Project completed,” Hindman said. “We expect it to make traveling through Fayetteville even safer and more efficient.”