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Nobody Cares (Part 5 of 6)

Eric Imker is a retired Air Force officer (1994) and former Peachtree City Council Member (2009-2015) who has advance degrees in Program Management and Computer Systems with professional expertise in Systems Engineering, Government and Business Contracting, and Budgeting and Personnel Management.

Ed. Note: This is the continuing series of articles about Peachtree City issues. Earlier parts can be found online at www.fayette-news.net.


Does city council of Peachtree City really want to spend $10,000,000 on “redesigning” the intersection of 54/74? This is obviously not going to help one bit. The problem is the umpteen traffic lights on GA54 to the west of that intersection. I see it. You see it. How come city council members don’t see it?

Ever notice there are no issues with traffic north or south of the notorious 54/74 intersection? It doesn’t take much effort to realize that SR74 has mostly right-in/right-out intersections without traffic lights for a long way north and south of the intersection. Hmmmm, what if westbound 54 was made to look like that? Just thinking out loud.

Please don’t let Council waste $10,000,000 like this, and don’t make GA54 three lanes. All it will do is encourage more traffic to go that way and fill it up with bumper to bumper traffic in no time at all.

The solution is to get rid of traffic lights west on GA54, not add more like city council recently did. City council is 100 percent to blame for the horrible mess we have. Solutions were presented to mitigate (not fix) the problem years ago, but they were ignored and dismissed. They just weren’t politically acceptable for getting reelected.

Now, from the super expensive to the super small. Spyglass Island (formerly known as Snake Island), in the middle of Lake Peachtree, now has a bridge connection to the shore line. Once the decision to include a passive park on the island was made, I advocated certain features.

One was a bridge design that would allow continued canoeing around the island. Take a look at that bridge now. A ridiculous looking three-foot circular stormwater pipe is now how water goes under the bridge. Good grief. So much for canoeing around the island. Granted, the bridge itself is very nice but where was the vision?

Then, the park was to have a “beach” on the north side. Why the north side? Because it would make a wonderful addition to the Lake, adds firework viewing points during July 4th celebrations, viewing points for future Dragon boat events, and many other events.

What about the concerns with kids late on the island at night when it’s supposed to be closed? The solution is simple; arrest the first one you see, give him/her a $500 fine (a $1,000 fine if drinking was involved), and word will get around very quickly it’s not worth it. End of concern.

Another issue that fortunately had a zero expense outcome was regarding the city council vote without having budget data in hand to commit millions to an Arts Center in the county. City council committed $2,500,000 of our tax money towards a project that had no program management plan, no budget, no time table, nothing.

Just a dream in the sky with hope matching funds from an anonymous donor would materialize. Really? This is how you use our tax money? Fortunately, even though our city council approved this spending, this issue had to be brought to the voters. You cared and did not approve! If it had been approved, where was city council going to get the money? What would council have done?