By Sydney Spencer 

PEACHTREE CITY — Takko Korean Taqueria has officially opened its doors to the public in Peachtree City but had another opening on Sept. 10. 

The new keto and vegan friendly restaurant had a DJ and face painting along with serving food to customers. Takko is all about utilizing fresh and simple ingredients to create perfectly balanced dishes that are served with a smile. 

Executive Chef and Co-founder Tomas Lee is a seasoned culinary artist with experience graduating from the Culinary Institute of America where he has worked in multiple restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and now Atlanta. He has combined traditional flavors with an easy-to-eat style of Mexican tacos and burritos. The bold and unexpected flavors that he has created have turned out to be extremely tasty.

Co-founder James Porter informs how the process went of building and getting everything together before the opening to the public. He also explains the growth he has noticed from the restaurant and its customers. 

“In our setting up, it took a longer time to get opened than we originally thought it would. What we did was as we cooked food we gave it away,” said Porter. “We gave away four-times food to over 5,000 customers. We now have more than 7,000 Instagram followers too. It’s taken a long time to get here, but pretty soon the patio will be built in for the fall, so they’ll be able to enjoy it in a climate controlled outdoor facility. We’ll also be starting up the bar on Friday and Saturday night out there with live music and more to come.”

Porter talks about how Takko Korean Taqueria came about and why it was founded in Peachtree City. He touches on Chef Lee’s background and how unique of a place Peachtree City is. 

“In 2012 in Downtown Atlanta Chef Tomas Lee started a brand called Tokorea. He then drove that business for 10 years by himself and was the first licensee franchise of hand cooked Takorea,” said Porter. “It’s really exciting. I’ve lived here in Peachtree City for 27 years, but moving this brand into Peachtree City was great. It was time for a bolder flavor. I think people are a little bit bored with the same mundane food and I think it was time to bring a little bit of excitement to a play, so that’s what we came to do.”

Porter goes on to reveal how the majority of the ingredients used in the food they distribute are produced fresh. He also tells how the food and sauces are prepped daily before opening. 

“Thirty of our recipes are done daily. So a lot of this is pretty much farm-to-table,” said Porter. “We work the product and don’t buy a lot of pre prepped products. We prep almost everything that is used. All the sauces are proprietary and made in house. They’re called out with fresh vegetables and such. I thought it was really good because it gave us an opportunity to bring fast casual into a more farm-to-table setting.”

When asked what has been their best selling item so far, Porter reveals how the taco combos and chef speciality have been a hit. He explains what is in the dietary based food as well. 

“The best item so far has been the taco combos and then also the Bibim-Bop which is the chef’s speciality. That one features four vegetables on it, a fried egg and the soul sauce. It gives you plenty of everything you need. Pretty much a keto-driven diet,” said Porter. “Some of them are vegan and some are keto-friendly.”

Porter expresses his excitement about the restaurant being opened and how the community has rallied to come enjoy the experience. He touches on his profound experience in the food business and how he and Chef Lee knew what to bring to Peachtree City. 

“I’m excited because I love the food. I knew if I loved this food that other people would love it too,” said Porter. “I spent 48 years until December 14 of last year in the same corporation doing food. When I retired I found this flavor which I had eaten several times before in Downtown Atlanta. I realized that we could get a franchise going on it and was excited. I knew this was food that would make me drive 30 miles and that somebody would surely drive to eat the same food and they are.”

Takko Korean Taqueria is located in the Peachtree City Circle next to Ted’s Montana Grill. Stop by to taste Chef Lee’s specialties along with many other appetizing yet healthy creations.