Fayette County


Mystery shots fired in Tyrone

Tyrone Police are still investigating a curious incident in Shamrock Park on Dec. 14.

Department Public Information Officer Phillip Nelson said the department often receives calls of gunshots, but many times the sounds are merely fireworks.

This time, officers heard the shots. He said officers were in the parking lot of Dollar General at 10:20 p.m. to make sure the employees got out with any issues. They heard the gunshots in nearby Shamrock Park, and walked over to the location.

When they arrived at the shooting site, Nelson said, the officers saw two individuals get in a white Lexus near the basketball courts and leave the park. The officers did discover spent shotgun shells and noticed a tree that had been hit with a shotgun shell. Investigators are still looking for the suspects.

In Peachtree City on Dec. 15, an officer responded to a call in reference to graffiti on the golf cart path tunnel under Redwine Road at Preserve Place. Pictures were taken of the damage and uploaded to the case.

In unincorporated Fayette County on  Dec. 17, officers responded to an entering auto call on Longview Road. Sheriff Barry Babb said the homeowner reported his pistol had been removed sometime between Nov. 27 and Dec. 16 in his unlocked vehicle.