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My platform for Mayor

My platform for Mayor


You are about to vote for the next mayor of Peachtree City. Please consider the following letter that demonstrates the many differences between what I would have done and will do in the future versus the incumbent.
I would not have allowed millions upon millions of tax dollars to be unwisely spent on things not in the citizens’ best interest. Just to name a few:
1. $1.3M cost overrun for the new “gold plated” one of a kind, first in the nation, spillway design project at Lake Peachtree.
2. $1.0M left on the table when negotiating long term maintenance of the lake with the Fayette County Commission.
3. $1.0M to date in excessive city employee salary increases, without a way to pay for it, for the already best paid within a realistic radius of our city, which then required using tax increases and use of emergency cash reserves.
4. $700K literal gift to the developer of MacDuff Parkway for the intersection improvement at MacDuff and GA54.
5. $2.5M allocated to an Arts Center without understanding the financials.  Fortunately the county commission took this cost off the SPLOST list. What would the incumbent have cut had it been left on the SPLOST list?
6. $2.0M allocated to a high speed internet project without understanding the financials.
7. I voted for raising our cash reserves from 20% to 25% to ensure our AAA credit rating.  The vote was 4-1. The incumbent mayor voted No.
8. I voted for putting the SPLOST initiative in motion a couple years ago knowing it would prevent raising our taxes by at least 4 mills. The vote was 4-1. The incumbent mayor voted No.
These are just some of the big ticket financial differences between the incumbent and myself. Just one of these items is cause to consider if we want more of this type of thinking on council by the incumbent. This money could have gone into so much more to enhance our city. This money could have been use to actually reduce our taxes.
Then there’s the traffic and land use issues:
1. I would have not allowed another traffic light on GA54 between Walmart and MacDuff Parkway. I voted against it. The incumbent voted for it.
2. I would have not rezoned our last best industrial site to more residential. Why was that done? We need jobs to bring in younger families to our city.
3. I would not have broken the promise to the residents along MacDuff to allow more homes to be built before MacDuff Parkway was completed. I voted against breaking the promise. The incumbent voted to break the promise.
4. I never supported the Great Wolf water amusement park that would have been placed in the middle of one of our villages destroying several communities with hundreds and hundreds of residents. The incumbent showed clear and undeniable support for Great Wolf. I was not even aware of the closed door meetings and email communications other council members and city staff had with the developer until it was documented later.
These are stark differences in the approach to governing our city. None of the above financial and land use policies supported by the incumbent are in the best interest of Peachtree City. Eight continuous years of the incumbent on city council is enough.
If you like how the incumbent has muddled through these issues, showing no sign of changing philosophy in the approach to finances, traffic lights, land use, breaking promises to our citizens, etc.; then go for it.
I support lowering our taxes by at least 1 mill and lowering our stormwater bills and sewer bills. SPLOST is the shot in the arm our city needed. I know how to leverage SPLOST with the city budget to get all this done. The incumbent won’t, can’t or doesn’t know how to do it.
Peachtree City continues its evolution to return to top of the list of outstanding cities. The incumbent mayor and I did agree on many of the things that have advanced that progress. In fact, I was on council with the incumbent for six of the eight years of policy development. I fought for you, the citizens, at every turn.
All the good things you see around the city would have been done regardless of who the mayor was. Investigating solutions for our traffic issues, maintenance of our road and cart paths, sprucing up our landscaping, continuing our priority of police and fire departments, etc. are all initiatives where common ground was realized.
I bring a policy of always voting in the best interest of the citizens. It’s clear the incumbent does not. Remember, the incumbent mayor took 60% of campaign contributions from realtors four years ago. I do not accept campaign contributions. I have no personal business or financial interests in Peachtree City other than my home.
Please consider the differences highlighted herein between the candidates and vote for who you think will be looking out for the best interests of the citizens. The choice is clear. I’m listening to you, the citizens of Peachtree City.

Eric Imker
Candidate for PTC Mayor