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Monihan, Farmers Insurance give back to community they proudly call home

Lindsay and Tim Monihan celebrated the opening of their Farmers Insurance agency in Peachtree City a year ago.

by Emma Smith

Treating your family like his own is what drives Tim Monihan of Farmers Insurance.

It was family that brought the Monihans to Georgia, and it’s what drives them to provide for their clients and the community. Monihan chose to open a Farmers Insurance branch in Peachtree City because of its close-knit atmosphere and in order to provide a personal approach to his clients.

He found his way into insurance when he was working in youth ministry in Florida. A deacon at his church had an insurance agency and took him under his wing as Tim found his calling. Looking to be closer to family, the Monihans relocated to Georgia and found a home in Fayette.

Insurance has become a family affair for the Monihans. His wife, Lindsay, is also a licensed agent, and with four daughters in the school system, Tim and Lindsay are invested in the area.

“We fell in love with the community,” he said. “It’s a great place to raise a family. We have found where we want to grow old.”

His agency will give your family the same care he gives his own.

“We strive to take care of people like they’re our own family,” he said. “People want local agents they can talk to that are in the community, that they’re going to bump into at the sports field, grocery store, or see on the golf cart path. They want people they know and can trust.”

The Monihans put their time, money, and love back into the community, sponsoring athletes, teachers, first responders, and veterans through a number of initiatives.

The Tim Monihan Agency puts back into their community with teacher grants and Player of the Week awards, among other initiatives.

With their Player of the Week awards at McIntosh and Starr’s Mill High, the agency honors leaders in the schools.

“We like to celebrate kids that are making it happen on and off the field.”

On Thank-A-Teacher Thursdays, they team up with educators and provide school supplies and fund classroom parties and support teachers however they can.
“My mom was a teacher, it’s hard work,” he said. “It’s been fun to come alongside and support and celebrate educators.”

At a recent training session for the Sheriff’s Department they provided food. They also hosted a chicken biscuit breakfast for veterans.

“Our big thing is celebrating the unsung heroes, the people who make the community safe and thriving,” he said. “We want to honor them, not only at my agency, but with Farmers at the corporate level.”

Together with Tim and Lindsay, their agency has five licensed agents including Chris Barham, Marshall Chavez, and Art Stewart all helping to form a winning team. Consistently ranked among Farmers Insurance’s top 25 agencies nationally and in Georgia, they are all ready to help you determine the right coverage for home, auto, life, commercial, Medicare supplements and business insurance.

“We try to be your one-stop insurance shop.”

They can help you get all the coverage you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it, like for that unique Peachtree City vehicle, the golf cart.

“A lot of people in Peachtree City think that their golf cart is automatically covered under their homeowner’s policy or under their auto insurance. Most times, that’s not the case,” said Monihan.

Unlike some insurance agencies that only contact you with a bill, Monihan said Farmers aims to keep its clients as informed as possible. They don’t take a cookie cutter approach to policies.

“At the end of the day, we want to make sure you are adequately covered and have the best experience possible. We want you to sleep at night knowing you are in good hands,” he said. “We want you to get the best coverage that fits your budget.”

Monihan has been in the business 13 years, and he’s got an invigorated passion since teaming up with Farmers Insurance and opening the Peachtree City office a year ago. While he dials in on his community, the larger company’s plans are ambitious. Farmers Insurance currently has a 3 percent market share in Georgia, and the goal is to reach 15 percent.

“Our competitive, affordable price is what we’ve found to be successful,” Monihan said. “Are your insurance rates constantly going up? With super competitive rates and extraordinary service, now is the time to let us run you a quote.”


Farmers Insurance – Tim Monihan Agency LLC is located at 6000 Shakerag Hill, Suite 212 in Peachtree City. For more information, contact Monihan at (770) 716-4124 or visit www.agents.farmers.com/ga/peachtree-city/timothy-monihan.