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Microblading in Fayetteville could soon become a reality

By Michael Cuneo – 

Several Fayetteville residents and business owners spoke in opposition to the city’s stance on microblading at the Jan. 20 city council meeting, stating that they are unable to work and bring in income as a result.

Microblading is a relatively new tattoo procedure that traditionally focuses on filling in thinning eyebrows but can also apply to the scalp.

Through a form of superficial micropigmentation, a non-permanent ink is inserted into the papillary dermis (the thinnest top layer of the inner skin) through needles on a handheld device to create a visual effect that makes the hair seem more filled in.

Recently, many men with thinning or balding hair have turned to microblading to get a different look, but women are also getting the treatment.

In Fayetteville, the service of providing microblading techniques is prohibited as it falls under the category of tattoo services, something the city has staunchly restricted.

Fayetteville microblader Marina Manning said the city misinformed her about regulations prior to renting a building for her practice.

“I think it was more of a misunderstanding, or maybe we were misinformed by the county and then across the way from the city, and they did admit that. Now we’re paying all this rent, but there’s no income coming in. We were misinformed, and now we’re sitting in limbo.” Manning said at the Jan. 20 Fayetteville City Council meeting.

Fayetteville Mayor Edward Johnson apologized to Manning, stating that it is the council’s opinion to allow microblading businesses to open in Fayetteville.

“On behalf of the council and the city, we’d like to apologize if the information was not readily available for you when you applied for your businesses license,” Johnson said.

“We were in the process of trying to resolve the issue because the council feels like it is a professional art, and we see that it could be beneficial for those who want to operate a business in the city. We just need to get a clear delineation, especially from the legal aspect, of how we align ourselves, especially under the state requirements.” Johnson continued.

Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson clarified the issue, saying that the matter is limited due to current definitions by the state of Georgia.

“If I can just say the big issue that we’re facing right now is the fact that the definition through the state that [microblading] is a tattoo, and we don’t currently allow tattoo parlors in the city.”

Other members of the council, including Scott Stacy, reiterated the thoughts of the mayor and city manager, stating that the matter is entirely dependent on legal definitions.

Johnson said that the city would consider making changes to their current ordinances to allow microblading in Fayetteville at their Jan. 25 workshop meeting.

By Michael Cuneo

Michael Cuneo is a news and sports reporter for the Fayette County News. Michael graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism in 2020. In his off time, Michael enjoys torturing himself as an Atlanta Falcons fan. Follow Michael on twitter @michaelcune