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Merry Christmas!

James Studdard is a regular columnist for this newspaper. He is currently in Pennsylvania conducting a one person sit-in to have William Shakespeare’s portrait restored in the University of Pennsylvania’s English department. He may be reached for comment at studlaw2000@yahoo.com.

I have a friend who has a daughter who is a senior at Wellesley College in Massachusetts (Hillary’s alma mater). The other day we were discussing the election and the country’s reaction to the stunning outcome, especially among the college types. He told me that his daughter, whose dorm room is on the same floor as was Hillary’s, has been getting e-mails from her classmates inviting her to a cry in. A “cry in” is a soiree of spoiled liberal brats who are the offspring of a generation of spoiled liberal brats. So far she has resisted the invites, but pressure is mounting. And these sniveling twerps are not without support. The professors encourage this sort of infantile behavior. One professor said that the mere sight of a “Trump 2016” written in chalk was sufficient provocation for students to demand a safe space. And get this: A Bias Response Team at Skidmore College determined that writing “Make America Great Again” on dry-erase boards amounted to performing “racialized, targeted attacks.”
A professor at the University of Michigan postponed an exam after a number of students complained of serious stress brought on by Trump’s election. The professor was empathetic, sympathetic, and a fellow sniveler as well. Consequently, he cancelled the exams. At Yale, the taking of post election exams was made optional. There was a marked uptick in student absences which prompted professors to treat the missing as excused absences. The absentee students bawled that they just could not concentrate on their studies knowing that they’d have to live in a country without Hillary as President. One professor at the University of Rochester cancelled all his classes after he decided he simply could not bear to talk with them about it. Even William Shakespeare is not immune to the anti-Trump mania. The University of  Pennsylvania has removed a portrait of the Bard from the wall in Fisher-Bennett hall and has replaced it with a portrait of a black lesbian poet Audre Lorde, in the name of “diversity.” I understand that Shakespeare was a straight, white male, all, according to academia being deplorable traits, but he also happens to be a towering figure in the world of literature. I pose this question: Who has contributed more to the genre of literature, William Shakespeare or this unknown poet?
The campus mentality has descended to the lowest rung on the ladder in matters of personal responsibility. Just because something in your life is emotionally upsetting does not justify your abandoning those responsibilities. The irony of all this is that Donald Trump was elected because of this very kind of behavior. Trump said what middle America wanted to say but did not have a representative voice to say it; that America was tired of such absurdities as “safe spaces, sanctuary cities, cultural diversity” and other such nauseating P.C. On far too many college campuses, this kind of response to adversity that threatens the liberal zeitgeist has become the rule and not the exception. Surely, it will finally dawn on these people that no one owes them anything and that the world does not revolve around their pitiful, put upon, personal feelings. Get over it. Merry Christmas.