Melania and I have never been very close. I appreciated her revealing pictures in GQ and the NY Daily News, but we were never formally introduced and never spoke. Recently all that changed.
Melania has reached out to me via two personal letters, one this summer and one just now. In them, she states that Donald and I are “friends.” She even sent me a check for $45 in the first one. All I had to do was send her one back. She “urged” me to send “$5,000 or more.” What?
I looked hard at her correspondence to determine where in Nigeria I was to send the money and if a Prince was involved. Surprisingly, I was asked to send the funds to the Republican National Committee (RNC).
Anyway, Melania told me why it was urgent that I send the money: “to prevent that travesty” (i.e. Democrats’ “Socialist programs”).
I have some questions before I do. Here are her statements about her “Donald” (her term), along with my questions:
• Melania: Donald’s “resolving the issues facing our nation,” “worked nonstop,” “accomplished so much,” and made a “safer America.”
Me: Were issues resolved as Donald played golf non-stop on our dime? The Middle East is an even worse mess with Iran back to building a nuclear bomb and Turkey invading Syria. China is still eating our lunch economically. North Korea is building more missiles. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Social Security and Medicare are running out of money. The military budget goes up every year, while the national debt has reached record levels. 
• Melania: Donald’s a “true leader”
Me: We have Nazis marching in our cities and hate crimes are up dramatically due to Trump rhetoric equating Nazis to anti-fascist protestors. And, thanks to your Donald, both parties have greatly increased their name calling rather than working together.
• Melania: “unnecessary government regulations are eliminated”
Me: Do you mean the regulations on the fossil fuels that are polluting our air and water? Or are you referring to the fuel efficiency standards that were helping cars and trucks to double their miles per gallon by 2025? I know that deregulation helps your contributors like the Koch brothers, but how does that help my grandkids with asthma and the increasing number of people with COPD and cancer caused by pollution?
• Melania: “the mainstream media…spreading their fake news”
Me: Is it the media that is reporting incorrectly or is the administration lying to the public? The venerable Washington Post has documented that between 1-20-17 and 4-27-19 your Donald has told over 10,000 lies. There are dozens upon dozens of documented cases of Donald telling major falsehoods negatively affecting our nation both at home and internationally. We are a laughing stock among both our allies and our enemies.
• Melania: If Democrats “capture total control of our government,” they will “enact their Socialist programs” and “radical agenda”
Me: Are you referring to socialist programs like Medicare and Social Security? Or are you referring to our public education system? The GOP has at various times described them as radical and socialist.
• Melania: “our country’s military is being rebuilt” by Donald
Me: When did our military, the envy of the world, fall apart? Its budget is as large as the next 10 nations combined. According to the Nation (5-7-19), our total military spending is now $1.2542 trillion (including war, VA, nuclear, defense, Homeland Security and other components.) When is it enough? And pardoning convicted war criminals by going around the chain of command  doesn’t rebuild our defenses, it tears down military discipline.
• Melania: Contributions are needed so Donald “can withstand the non-stop brutal assaults” from “Democrats, the mainstream media, ultra-liberal special interest groups, and other radical factions”
Me: Aren’t the brutal, radical assaults coming from Donald who said about four American Congresswomen “if they don’t like it (America), let them leave?” Isn’t he the one who calls his enemies denigrating, insulting names? Obama never said Donald came from Kenya or asked to see his birth certificate and college grades.
• Melania: “the future of America is on the line in the upcoming elections”
Me: Melania, you’re completely correct for a change; our democracy is on trial. The 2020 election will determine if we will continue to move toward our own unique form of home-grown populist fascism. The alternative is for swing voters to come to their senses and vote out an obnoxious budding dictator who doesn’t believe in democracy or American values.

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.