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Meet the 2014 All-County Volleyball Team

Alexis Broadwater is the All-County Volleyball Player of the Year. (Staff Photo by Christopher Dunn)

Another volleyball season is in the books. While this one didn’t see any new champions crowned, it was again filled with success. Five of our six teams were back in the postseason.

Among a crowd of awesome players, one takes home top honors. Alexis Broadwater is the 2014 All-County Volleyball Player of the Year. Broadwater, a junior setter, led Sandy Creek on another deep playoff run, all the way to the Elite Eight. She piled up the stats, tallying 1,023 assists, 76 aces, 294 digs, and 206 kills.

The All-County First Team is an awesome collection of talent.

The outside hitters are Zoey LaBonte of McIntosh, Kendall Wilson of Sandy Creek, and Savannah Grove of Whitewater. LaBonte, a junior, tallied 256 kills, 117 digs, 23 blocks, and 39 aces. Wilson, a sophomore, racked up 457 kills, 225 digs, 28 blocks, and 53 aces. Grove, a senior, led Whitewater in kills as team captain.

The setters are Maddison Scruggs of McIntosh and Alexis Broadwater. Scruggs, a senior, notched 53 aces and 366 assists.

The middle hitters are Dariah Powell of Sandy Creek and Danielle Ajayi of Starr’s Mill. Powell, a junior, tallied 180 kills, 89 blocked shots, and 127 digs. Ajayi, a senior, racked up 178 kills, 59 blocked shots, and is signed to play at Southern Mississippi.

The right side/setters are Kadi Dial of Starr’s Mill and Natalie Cagle of Whitewater. Dial, a senior, notched 131 kills and 26 digs. Cagle, a junior, led her team in blocks and was second in kills.

The defensive players are Liana DeJourdan of McIntosh and Eden Aanstoos of Starr’s Mill. DeJourdan, a senior, tallied 492 digs and 34 aces. Aanstoos, a senior, racked up 378 digs and 53 assists.

The All-County Second Team also boasts a ton of talent.

The outside hitters are Autumn Martin of Sandy Creek, Grace Frieze of McIntosh, Whitney Williams of Fayette County, and Maliyah Sokhna of Our Lady of Mercy. Martin, a senior, piled up 429 kills, 295 digs, and 84 assists. Frieze, a senior, notched 187 kills, 357 digs, and 52 aces. Williams, a senior, keyed the Tiger attack on both offense and defense. Sokhna, a junior, ranked #1 in Class A in aces with 125, eighth in kills with 113, and tenth in blocks with 22.

The setter is Rachel Moore of Starr’s Mill. Moore, a senior, tallied 442 assists, 73 aces, and 178 digs.

The middle hitters are Abbie Duke of McIntosh and Casey Grant of Our Lady of Mercy. Duke, a senior, notched 136 kills, 38 blocks, and 49 aces. Grant, a senior, was first in Class A in blocks with 108 and ninth in kills with 107.

The right side/setter is Elon Yates of Our Lady of Mercy. Yates, a senior, finished fourth in Class A in aces with 73, ninth in blocks with 23, and tenth in kills with 91.

The defensive players are Anna Marie Benson of Whitewater and Simone Cowan of Our Lady of Mercy. Benson, a freshman, led her team in digs, passing, and service aces. Cowan, a senior, was number six in Class A in digs with 298.

Honorable mention recognition goes to Olivia Krug, Jessi Schriver, and Dana Whitis of Starr’s Mill, Casey Grant of Our Lady of Mercy, and Carson Lamberth of Whitewater.

(Kathryn Menchinger contributed to this story)

By Christopher Dunn

Managing Editor Christopher Dunn has been with the Fayette County News since 2011, in addition to running Fayette Victory magazine. He is a graduate of Fayette County schools, as well as a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism. Follow him on twitter @fayettesports.