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Manny the Manatee dives in to BOC race

There’s another familiar face tossing his hat into the ring for Peachtree City’s Board of Commissioners seat, it’s just a question of which of his many hats he’ll chose. 

Manny the Manatee has become a beloved fixture on the Peachtree City scene in recent years, and it seems the time is ripe for him to truly make his mark by running for county office. 

Choosing not to make an official statement and instead donning a festive hat and sunglasses for the occasion, Manny silently basked in the warm applause of his supporters at his official announcement at his campaign headquarters at the corner of Peachtree Parkway and Walt Banks Road. 

“Manny is not a man of many words,” said his campaign manager, Jack Couster. “But he is very firm in his values. He will not be moved.”

Among the promised initiatives will be regular town halls with his constituents. 

“Manny really wants to make sure everyone is informed on key topics,” said Couster. “In that spirit, we can’t wait to host a series of events we’re calling ‘Manny-splaining.’”

With a motto of “Make America Seaworthy Again,” he aims to make the county a better place for all creatures, both on dry land and underwater.