Man under arrest in series of vehicle break-ins

A Fayetteville man is under arrest, suspected in a series of vehicle break-ins around the county.

Demarte Demonn Rayford, 22 years old, has been charged with six counts of Entering Auto, but more charges are expected as he may responsible for other incidents.

Rayford was brought into custody thanks to an alert received by a Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy. On Sunday, November 25, a suspicious person call was placed after a resident spotted a male wearing all black and carrying a backpack walking through their yard.

Shortly thereafter, deputy in the area was flashed by bright lights from a car passing in the opposite direction, so they turned around to follow the vehicle. It was observed driving erratically and well below the speed limit, which the report indicates, are “indicators of an impaired driver.”

The registered owner of the vehicle was a person of interest in entering auto crimes, so a traffic stop was initiated. Black clothes were spotted hanging out from under the trunk lid, as they had been hurriedly put there.

The driver identified himself as Rayford. He said he was homeless and living in the car with his passenger, who was laying in the back seat covered completely by a blanket to that point.

Clothes with fresh, still-wet mud on them were found. Clothing items matching those seen on surveillance footage were spotted in the trunk, along with other items potentially tying Rayford to other area break-ins.

Also, there was a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle and both Rayford and the passenger were charged with possession.

So far, Rayford is accused of break-ins on Aug. 7, Aug. 8, Sept. 6, Nov. 11, and two on Nov. 13. In at least two of the incidents, he is believed to have stolen a firearm from the vehicle. In one, he also stole a television.