Emmanuel Landeros-Lopez

A Fayetteville man was arrested Friday morning for allegedly beating another man with a baseball bat, striking him multiple times on the head and causing “a depressed skull fracture,” according to Sheriff Barry Babb.

The victim was transported to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition.

Emmanuel Landeros-Lopez, 23, was charged with aggravated battery for the alleged attack.

Babb said deputies responded to a “domestic call” shortly after midnight on Friday morning. A witness at the house said Landeros-Lopez heard the victim and his girlfriend were arguing upstairs and “making derogatory statements about the perpetrator’s girlfriend who was downstairs,” Babb said.

Landeros-Lopez then allegedly went upstairs and struck the victim “multiple times in the head.”

Babb said Landeros-Lopez is currently being held in the Fayette County jail without bond.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said it wasn’t known Thursday night whether the victim would survive, but that the most recent word Friday was that he was in stable condition.

He described the head injury as “very severe.”