A Peachtree City man is in jail after being arrested Friday afternoon for tampering with an investigation scene.

Kevin Lynch, 32, is charged with theft by taking, reckless conduct, and obstruction after removing a handgun from a suicide scene, said Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Matt Myers.

On Thursday, the police department responded to a wooded area behind Tattnall Dive after getting a call that there was a dead body at the site.

“There was nothing unusual about the scene, with the exception that the weapon was missing,” Myers said.

With the weapon gone, the department had to do a full-scale investigation into the incident. After further investigation, the department subsequently arrested Lynch. What the department found provides an unusual backstory to the arrest.

On Thursday, Lynch discovered the body. He told police that he took the gun because he didn’t know if it was an actual suicide. Once he touched the gun, he realized he could be implicated, and he hid the gun under a rock nearly half a mile away. He also thought the department had a warrant on him.

“He was incorrect, but after Friday afternoon, he had a warrant,” Myers said.

Lynch also told his brother to call the police and tell them about the body.

“This incident caused an awful lot of extra work for the department,” Myers added.