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I find it funny that as a child we can’t wait to grow up and do adult things, but once we reach adulthood we desperately wish to return to a child-like state in order to forget our troubles.
Children have the best outlook on life. For the most part they are usually happy and upbeat. They have yet to know the hardships of life. They don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, or how they are going to pay bills in order to put a roof over their heads. That’s the job of the adults in their lives. Children are free to dream or imagine that anything is possible. Their lives are stress free and full of wonderment and magic.
The wonderful thing about Christmas is the feel of magic in the air. It’s the time of year when the magic is not just for children but for everyone. Adults are a little bit lighter on their feet, feeling joyous and full of love for strangers. Brotherly love seems to spread world-wide and good deeds abound. All is right with the world and everyone is happy. Children are a little bit better behaved in the hopes that Santa brings them the gifts they have been dreaming of.
Adults have a distinct advantage over children at the holidays. They have the capability of purchasing anything they want at any time, rather than waiting for gifts to be given to them.  Now is the time of year when everyone scrimps and saves to find the extra money to buy the perfect Christmas present for that someone special. Sometimes we find that extra scratch by charging it to our credit cards, only to have to worry about how to pay it off later.
For children the anticipation of Christmas is thick in the air, but, since anticipation can be a fleeting thought for adults this time of year, the magic seems to diminish a little. Children look forward to Christmas all year long and when the day finally arrives they have this glow about them. The excitement is evident when they wake up early in order to get the first peek at the presents under the tree before waking mom and dad. It becomes even more evident as they rip through the beautiful paper wrapping to see what is inside, in the hopes that they get everything they asked Santa for.
The anticipation and excitement of the children is what makes the magic of Christmas. It makes me wish I could see the world the same way I did when I was younger. It also makes me wish that I could feel that same feeling all year round. That is why I sometimes act like a child myself. I try to find delight in the simplest of things. I like to play with Legos and act ridiculous sometimes, but at the end of the day I still have to return to the reality that I am a responsible adult. So it is during the holiday season that I really try to live it up and soak up all the magical feelings that children exude. For it is the children that make the magic of Christmas truly come alive.