Fayette County


Mailboxes broken into at Fayetteville’s Business Park

Several mailboxes were broken into last weekend in Fayetteville’s Business Park on Tober Trail and Etowah Trace.

There were reports of criminal damage from six different businesses Monday morning, when employees arrived at work to find their mailboxes had been pried into.

Civil Site Services transportation manager Kenny Harp said he believed something of value was stolen, but he wasn’t sure what exactly was taken. Carroll Exterminating Company office manager Jessica Epps said the mailbox where she works has a lock box, but whoever broke into the mailbox found a way around it.

Harp said it’s been many years since someone has broken into the mailbox, but it hasn’t been the first time something like this has taken place in the Business Park.

“We haven’t had a recurring problem in the last five years, but now it looks llke it’s started back,” Harp said.

While Epps said Carroll Exterminating does not have mail delivered on the weekend, she still wishes there would be more patrol there over the weekend.

“I think if they would increase the patrol in the area I think that might deter people from coming by here,” Epps said.

Harp said he thinks there should be more patrol in the area during the weekdays as well as the weekends.

Harp, who comes in to work every day at 5:30 a.m., is planning on doing all he can to prevent anything else from being stolen from the mailboxes in the future.

“We’re going to try to modify our mailboxes to make it harder for them,” Harp said.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Allen Stevens said investigators were looking over surveillance video from the various businesses to trying to locate the suspect(s).