Nicole Madrill with Piedmont Fayette Hospital Chief Operating Officer Nathan Nipper.

Piedmont Fayette Hospital recognizes employees who go above and beyond for patients, visitors or their co-workers each month with a Promise 360 award. On Thursday, June 13, the past year’s monthly winners gathered with their friends and family at a reception to crown the year’s champion. Nicole Madrill, a clinical education coordinator and former nurse in the intensive care unit at Piedmont Fayette, is this year’s recipient.

Nicole worked tirelessly with a patient in the last days of his life to make sure that all of his wishes were met. When the discussion about end of life decisions came up, the patient told everyone that he did not want to spend his last hours in the ICU and he did not want to be on the ventilator any longer. The patient stated that he wanted to be in a bigger room to accommodate his friends and family and that he wanted a milkshake. Nicole played a big role in helping honor those wishes, coordinating the team to make the transfer to a larger room and working with staff members and physicians to make things as comfortable as possible for the patient and his family.

“I will always be the best possible advocate I can be for my patients,” Nicole said. “If I can’t make something happen, I will find someone who can.”

In addition to the recognition at the event, Nicole received a plaque and a $1,000 in honor of her efforts. She will represent Piedmont Fayette at the Piedmont 360 Awards this fall for the entire Piedmont Healthcare system.

“She took on an awesome responsibility, united the team of nurses and physicians to deliver the best possible care, and made a positive difference for the patient and his family in the most difficult and challenging time of their lives,” said Piedmont Fayette Chief Operating Officer Nathan Nipper. “The 360 Awards are about honoring those who find opportunities all around them to serve others. Nicole is an amazing example of the high-quality, patient-centered service that Piedmont provides to our patients.”

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