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Local mom of three loses baby weight and finds a love for lifting at TFW Fayette in Peachtree City

Carly Burch started working with the trainers at TFW Fayette after having a baby. She’s lost 30 pounds since then and gotten much stronger.

Carly Burch didn’t really expect to like lifting weights when she started about two years ago. She was a gymnast and cheerleader until about 16, but since then her only exercise had been running.

That all changed when she started training with Chris Akeman, founder of Training for Warriors Fayette in Peachtree City.

“I’ve never enjoyed working out, but it’s become a lifestyle change, and habit to come every morning,” Carly says.

Last week she hit a personal record in the deadlift when she lifted 188 pounds twice. That’s a pretty good number for someone that didn’t event expect to like lifting weights. It’s not the only impressive number she can point to.

Carly started training with Chris about six months after she had her youngest of three kids. Since then, she’s dropped 30 pounds and gotten a lot stronger.

She’s a dedicated member of the early class, coming in at 5 am most days, the only time she has to workout because she spends the rest of her day with her kids. Her dedication has paid off.

As a coach, Chris has been amazed by her transformation.

“Carly’s lost 30 pounds but she’s way stronger. That ‘s honestly probably a 35 or 40-pound fat loss. She went from barely being able to hang from a bar to knocking out consecutive chinups. That’s huge,” Chris says.

And the benefits haven’t just been in strength or fat loss. Carly says she feels better and has more energy every day. On top of that, she’s learned a lot about proper nutrition, and now she’s cooking healthier meals for her whole family. She credits Caroline Creel, another TFW Fayette trainer, for teaching her a lot about nutrition.

“It’s just been learning about what to eat and how to eat,” Carly says, “Caroline’s really helped with my diet.”

Carly has also come to be close with the coaches and the people she works out with on a regular basis. That feeling of community helps keep her coming back.

“I’ve been been working out with Chris for almost two years. He’s a great coach, it’s like a family here.”