Local artist Ali Ramsaier is bringing a powerful production to the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival on Tuesday, August 6. 

With music and lyrics by Ramsaier, “Closing Doors” is a musical about liberation, validation, and appreciation of one’s self through the lens of the “Me Too” movement and online dating trend. Alex, an aspiring singer/songwriter, meets a fellow musician, Guy, online, but she soon finds out Guy isn’t who she thought he was. 

“‘Closing Doors’ is a musical about domestic abuse. It talks about the journey of online dating and how you want to have that blind trust in someone, and you don’t know who you’re actually going to find,” said Ramsaier. “It talks about how someone gets into an abusive relationship and how it affects their family and friends around them and how it can happen to everyone.”

While the musical tackles painful material, the message is about empowerment and knowing that you deserve respect in any relationship. 

The curtain opens on Closing Doors tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 6) at 8 p.m. at Theatrical Outfit at 84 Luckie St. NW in Atlanta. To purchase tickets in advance, go to tickets.vendini.com.