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Living without fear

Sherri Jefferson is an advocate, author, and an attorney. Transforming the lives of children is her passion. Transferring knowledge is her profession.

This column was written on Sunday, October 1, 2017. Unbeknownst to them, while fun seekers residents were at the Fair, Las Vegas was subject to one of the most horrific acts in modern American history. This article encourages us to think beyond violence and to avoid being held emotionally hostage to the fear of embracing people, places, and things.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon, thousands of people heard gun shots and children screaming. Likewise, individuals witnessed children running. Deputy sheriffs guarded the lions, tigers, and bears. The sounds grew louder and louder as onlookers observed speeding cars and loud music. A short distance away, a dozen people dropped from the sky. A sea of food, candy, and and drinks spilled through the roadway.
Who is responsible for these acts? What happened? Why are so many diverse people in one place?
The Atlanta Motor Speedway is the gathering place for one of the most diverse events in Georgia – the Georgia Fair!
For most Georgians, the Fall is harvest time. The Fall represents a season of food, fun, and fellowship. Unlike the summer months, the Fall weather is cool and entertaining. The Georgia Fair is the perfect setting to embrace the old and to be entertained by the new.
Anyone who strolls the Speedway will be mesmerized by the thousands of people present. The Fair patrons represent the most diverse backgrounds ever found in one place. A leisurely walk will reveal people of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities. Within ear reach, patrons hear the languages of different countries. Through any lens, Fair fans see the colorful and fashionable clothing, that represents customs and religious beliefs.
All these people share one thing in common. Their goal is to have a great time. Whether you enjoy the rides, prefer to be an observer, or enjoy the stroll, the Georgia Fair is a gathering place for everyone! The Georgia Fair is a place to be entertained and reminisce on the days of yesterday while embracing the generation of today.