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Line Creek Brewing Co. brings drinks, fellowship to community

Paul Costick mans the taps at Line Creek Brewing Co’s recent opening in June. What was supposed to be a “soft opening” attracted over a thousand visitors, emphasizing the eagerness of Fayette Countians for having a craft beer brewery nearby. The facility, aside from creating a host of tasty pints, will also serve as a community meeting place for various events, from fundraisers to watching the big games. (Photos by Christopher Fairchild)

by Christopher Fairchild

Line Creek Brewing Co., Peachtree City’s new craft beer brewery, currently offers up a hearty breakfast stout, but co-founder Paul Costick gives us the assurance that the tasting room‘s hours of operation will not include the day’s initial meal.

“We don’t open that early, “ he says,” We haven’t stooped that low.”

Costick is one of four partners from the Peachtree City area that decided about 18 months ago that what Fayette County really needed was its own brewery and meeting place for those who like to try new beers. They decided on the Peachtree City location because it was in their “own backyard and home for all of us. We’re raising our families here.”

He maintains that all of the co-founders spend upwards of 90 percent of their time in Peachtree City, and that, in addition to the brewery being a potential gathering space for community events, it is, at its core, a place to craft new and exciting beers.

“Who doesn’t love beer or something,” Costick utters in his decidedly British diction.

Costick, a native of Southampton who married a McIntosh graduate, runs the daily operations of the brewery and is working towards becoming a cicerone, which is basically a sommelier for beer rather than wine.

The other Line Creek founders include Brian Messer, who’s coached title-winning soccer at McIntosh High School; Matt Ramsey, former majority whip of the Georgia State House; and Paul Schwinne, who comes from a career in aerospace engineering and real estate.

The real star of the enterprise, however, is Head Brewer Jason Carroll, who moved to Georgia from his native Ireland with his dog, Lucy, to head up the creative side of the business. Growing up, Carroll never saw himself becoming a brewer, he just sort of fell into it along the way. And that was an apparently providential occurrence, because Carroll has racked up a slew of brewing awards in recent years.

He won for “Best Overall Ale Under 5%” at the International Beer Challenge in 2016. He was awarded the gold medal and two bronzes at the same challenge in 2014 and 2016. He also created the” World’s Best Seasonal Pale Ale” at the 2015 World Beer Awards.

He’s brewed at the Wicklow Brewery in Wicklow, Ireland; he’s created seasonal recipes at the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, Ireland; and he served as Head Brewer at Guinness’s first experimental Brewery, The Open Gate Brewery. While at Open Gate, he transformed it into a functioning, productive brewery.

“His skill set really matched with what we wanted to do with our size and scope,” Costick beams. “We have a thousand-percent trust in our Head Brewer.”

The facility now has seven operational fermenters, meaning that Line Creek can produce anywhere from 7-10 different beers at any one time. At the moment, they are featuring an Irish Red, which is a nod to Carroll’s homeland.

“It’s as Irish as it gets,” Costick says.

While it may be a logical assumption for someone to make that the water used in Line Creek Brewery’s recipes is directly drawn from neighboring Line Creek, it’s not actually the case. It’s city water, which Costick claims is “a pretty good soft water – like a pilsner water.” He says the profile of the water can be changed as needed to accommodate different beer types. It’s all part of “Jason’s magic,’ he says with a grin.

The brewery also has its own canning capability, and the design of the cans, as well as the company logo, is the work of a McIntosh graduate, Kevin Panke. Each of the cans contains a number of interesting design features, including a helpful infographic that describes the characteristics of the beer in question.
Also, hidden somewhere in the topographical map of Line creek that serves as a background graphic, you’ll find Muledo, a version of the rock carving of a mule that some residents might know of from excursions into the Line Creek Nature Area.

On September first, for Labor Day weekend, Line Creek Brewery will be celebrating by inviting the community to come down and enjoy some college football on the big screen while sampling a pint or two. Food trucks will also be in attendance. No tickets are required and dogs are welcome on the patio. Line Creek Brewing Co. is located at 150 Huddleston Rd in Peachtree City.