Unopposed Politicians Running for Peachtree City Council

Two of our Peachtree City Council members are running again for another four-year term. They can run but let’s not let them run unopposed. Clearly there are citizens out there who can do a better job. One of the key requirements is to think clearly on how to best use our tax dollars.

This has not been the case during the four years the incumbents have been on council. Millions upon millions of dollars have been squandered away and you have never been the wiser. This is why your taxes keep going up.

What solutions have they provided to the horrible traffic issues, which they helped create? What have they done to fix the 74/54 debacle?

Why are they allowing more homes to be built without a tax base to support it? Industries don’t want to come here anymore because they can’t afford the taxes.

What has been done with over $2 million of extra SPLOST revenue we have received from the county? Amazingly, nobody has ever been told. What do they intend to do with the additional $4 million dollars of SPLOST that is anticipated over the next few years? Again, nobody knows. Public monies should always be clearly accounted for and publicly shared.

Has either incumbent completed anything on his own that has made Peachtree City a better place to live? Not really. Sure, an overpriced pavilion that should have cost less than $50,000 has been added to Drake Field. A pavilion is nice, but let’s talk price. It’s a cement pad with a roof over it. No electricity, no water. Why did we pay $234,000?
And now they want a 20 percent raise. The argument that good people won’t run for office because of pay is balderdash. You don’t run for public office for the pay. You serve to do what’s in the best interest of the citizens. Period.

Recently they wanted to sue you if you said something they didn’t like about them. That doesn’t sound like they are pro-residents. Plus, isn’t that counter to the First Amendment to the Constitution?

They dissolved the PTC Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) to reduce costs to the residents. Then they promptly found a way to make our monthly bill higher, all while maintaining that pesky second Stormwater bill. These problems can and should be fixed.

Don’t ever forget they even wanted Great Wolf Lodge smack in the middle of one our residential communities. Good grief.

They have successfully transformed Peachtree City into a residential community – great for realtors, not so much for us. The original intent of the city is gone … but can be recovered with new council members.

We need new council members not career politicians. Unfortunately voter turnout favors incumbents. We’ve got to do better than allowing 8 percent of eligible voters decide who spends our tax money, who decides our land use, and who solves our traffic issues.

Candidates need to go to city hall during the week of August 19 to August 23 and pay the qualifying fee of $360, which gets your name on the ballot. The office is open daily between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Eric Imker