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Leaning in With Learnard: Mayor Learnard looks back at first 100 days

Peachtree City Mayor Kim Learnard.

By Leah Banks – 

PEACHTREE CITY — As Peachtree City enters a new year, the city embraced a new mayor in Kim Learnard. As she reaches the 100 day mark as mayor, Learnard reflects on her achievements and her plans for the future. 

As a member of the Peachtree City community for 22 years, Learnard’s passion for politics and hope for her community led her to run for council in 2010.. 

“I ran for mayor because I’m passionate about preserving our Peachtree City,” Learnard said in her Jan. 20 State of the City address. “This is not my first term on council; it is my third. I served as a PTC Council member for eight years, from 2010-2017, before I term-limited out at the time.”

Now, 100 days into the job, Learnard reflects not only on her time as mayor, but also on how much Peachtree City has in store in the future and  the present. 

“It sounds funny because Peachtree City really is at a crossroads. We have a 62-year-old city that needs some updates.I think that Peachtree City has some really important decisions to make right now that will affect us for the next 20 years and beyond,” Learnard said. 

Learnard takes pride in being a part of these decisions, placing an emphasis on being in the room where it happens but also being a part of a bigger story than just herself in order to preserve the Peachtree City quality of life. 

“[The first 100 days have] been a time of transition to a new way of doing things. I’m excited to say that we had an off-site retreat. To have five council members agree to that extent, that was pretty good,” Learnard said. 

During her campaign, Learnard placed emphasis on her “Three R’s”: roads, redevelopment, and recreation. These three key points are what she hopes to continue to advance  in the first 100 days and the entirety of her term.

“Roads [and] traffic congestion is growing as we watch and while much of it is Coweta County traffic.  I think it’s important that we reach out to the leaders in Coweta, transportation officials in Fayette, community leaders in Peachtree City and Tyrone and see what we can craft regarding a future Northside bypass to help Coweta drivers get to where they really want to go without clogging the heart of our city,” Learnard said.

In her first 100 days, Learnard met with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to hear their plans on a proposed displaced left turn as a ten-year solution to some of the congestion at Highway 54/74. She hopes that these plans will turn into something beneficial and welcomed by citizens from near and far. 

As her term continues and she embraces the following days that lie ahead, Learnard spotlights citizen input, hoping that hearing what her community has to say will allow her to learn more about what the citizens need. 

“Citizen input is what it’s all about. We welcome public comments. I think it’s safe to say all five of us read all of our emails on a near-daily basis,” Learnard said. 

When Learnard was a council member, the budget was in the red. She and other members of the council worked diligently to improve that budget. 

Now, Peachtree City is in a strong financial position. The position is so strong that it has allowed the council to agree to strive to maintain 50% in cash reserves rather than the previous 31%.

“I think that’s the right thing to do, I am happy about that change, and our five-year budget model will definitely reflect that,” Learnard said. 

As Learnard reflects on her 100 days as mayor and prepares to continue her determination to preserve Peachtree City, she highlights the importance of maintaining the green spaces and promoting positive change in the community. 

“I’m excited to see the progress that the council can achieve with the help of our citizens. We have what it takes to continue to preserve Peachtree City and add to it to make it even better,” Learnard said. 

By Leah Banks

Leah Banks is a reporter for Fayette News. She graduated from Loyola University - New Orleans with a degree in Journalism in May 2019. As a reporter, she covers mainly Peachtree City and Tyrone areas. Leah has an interest in community outreach as well as local initiatives. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels and listening to jazz music. Leah can be reached at leah@fayette-news.net.