Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch kicked off the new year in style with the announcement that City Council meetings will start at 6:30 p.m. starting in February, but it was a staff update that provided a snapshot into the future of one of the city’s biggest projects.

In their regular update, staff confirmed that the Lake Peachtree Spillway Construction project is on schedule and nearly finished. The plan is to have the lake reach full water levels by May. They plan on the entire project being finished by June.

Lake Peachtree Project Manager Dan Davis offered up two videos of the construction site. Each detailed the work done connecting the foundation of the spillway.

“We are still constructing on the spillway foundation as that is the focus right now,” Davis said. “This consists of the big massive footing and the slabs that lie underneath the piano key weirs. We are on schedule as the lake has been brought up the two feet we have planned on.”

Currently, Lake Peachtree sits at a stable 778 feet of water. It was brought up two feet from the last update given by the Council. The Council also noted that the water was taken from Lake Kedron, which now sits at 834 feet.

The foundation is expected be completed in February. Afterwards, the plan is to construct the piano key weirs and new spillway walls.

“We are trying beat the growing season as we don’t want that grass and weeds growing again,” Davis said. “Right now, we are on schedule and very happy about that.”

City Manager Jon Rorie also noted that construction on bridges around Lake Peachtree Spillway Bridge will commence once the water level returns to normalcy.

“We are constructing the foundation for the bridge and going through the design and engineering process,” Rorie said. “As we move forward, we will preorder the bridge and set the bridge.”

The City Council plans to continue providing updates on the Lake Peachtree Spillway Construction at future meetings.