An idea to allow more paddle boats and kayaks on Lake Peachtree got a full hearing Thursday night, but no vote.

Instead, City Manager Jon Rorie urged the City Council to use caution in contemplating the issue.

“Further review is warranted,” Rorie said.

He said any resident could buy a paddle boat or kayak and use it on the lake, but wondered if the project before the City Council would lead to commercialization of the lake.

Robert Rothley of Lifestyle Leisure products made his pitch for a new business on the lake.

“We would like to open up the lake with quality boats, new docks, and an activity center,” Rothley said.

Rothley envisioned Picnic Park as the launching point for his new endeavor. His business is located on Dividend Drive and supplies boats to the State of Georgia.

His proposal including offering paddle boats, stand-up paddle boards, small fishing boats, and kayak rentals for Lake Peachtree.

Many on the City Council like the proposal, but differed on making any decision Thursday night.

Rorie also read from the city’s ordinance that indicated no one should have a business on the city’s property, and said the proposal could violate the city’s peddler’s ordinance.

“There are still questions that remain. We’re still talking about using a public asset for a for-profit enterprise,” Rorie added.