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Keep kids active this summer with yoga

Sharon Hunt, with Flex Yoga with Sharon, has been teaching yoga for 10 years, specializing in Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. She is very passionate about helping those who experience stress and seek yoga as an approach to a better, healthier life. For more info, visit www.flexyogawithsharon.com.

While the kids are out of school for the summer, what are some options to de-stress after a long grueling school year?
As adults, we may often forget our children’s need to relieve stress. A comprehensive survey was done on the use of yoga, and more than 13 million adults practiced yoga, a year-over-year increase since 2007. More than 1.5 million children are experiencing stress and practicing yoga.
In today’s society, sometimes we overlook our children’s health as it relates to stress and anxiety. Sure they get their school physicals every year, but how many times do we take the kids to de-stress? School may be stressful for kids. Maybe you find your children may lack patience, but there is a great way to deal with our kids’ lack of patience. Yes, children have moments of moderate to extensive stress. How many times have we considered yoga as an option for the kids?
What is yoga anyway? How can kids benefit from the use of yoga? Yoga is a Sanskrit term meaning to bind or join. Yoga is a specific set of physical exercises, also known as asanas. These exercises are specifically designed to allow the body to move into particular postures which helps with blood flow, strength building, and assists with balance and flexibility. This risk of other sports injuries for kids is much lower whenever yoga is practiced on a regular basis.
Yoga for children can assist with better school results, and, if practiced regularly, it’s a confidence builder and stress reliever. Anxiety issues can creep into young minds, so why not try strengthening with yoga to help with mental clarity? Maybe add some meditation into their class.
With so many traumatic things happening in schools and society itself, the use of yoga can help with coping, concentration, and allow mental growth and clarity for young minds.
One of my dedicated yoga clients practices yoga with her teen. Their practice has more than one meaning. First, it’s a beautiful way to bond with her teen. Second, it is results driven to create memories, build confidence, and stability. The teen’s high school cheerleading coach recommended she try yoga to gain more balance in class and she’s definitely seen results.
Yoga with an experienced instructor should carefully craft a form of exercise worth using to benefit our growing youth in a variety of ways and classes. A great yoga instructor should know how the body works when delivering all levels, know what they’re trying to achieve, and understand safety comes first. Be sure to discuss your goals and express your thoughts on a timeframe and your expectations of achieving those goals so that your classes can be specially crafted and designed for your personal needs. There are so many beautiful aspects of yoga, including, but not limited to, calming the mind. Children of all ages practice yoga and are seeing valuable results.
Living a healthy lifestyle can be life-changing. Let’s get the kids into a yoga class this summer. They’ll be well prepared to handle the upcoming school year both mentally and physically.