Fayette County


June Blues

Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.
Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

I am lying in my bed this morning with books, eyeglasses, iPad, and phone scattered all about me, reading writing, and listening to great claps of thunder after my bedroom has been lit up by startling streaks of lightening. I slap my hands over my ears, the reverberations are so loud and unexpected they are frightening! Rain, so long hoped for, so long awaited, pours down in sheets, filling our storm gutters and rolling along the streets in red waves. Finally, the parched earth receives the much-needed nutrients not found in the pathetic efforts our sprinklers and garden hoses offered.
But is it too much? Will it wash the farmers’ seeds into gullies, destroy the neat rows and hills formed around corn plantings? Lay low slender tomato vines. I am afraid to go look at the new Vincas just moved from nursery containers into the ground around the luckier, well-established red Salvia. Oh. No. The petals of the flowers on the red and white Petunias in the window boxes on our shed will be just destroyed! And the miniature gardenias which line the front walk were heavy with fragrant white blooms; now the flowers are so full of water, they have pulled the branches to the ground. Poor babies.
Sitting on the back screened porch in a big brown box large enough for a grand piano is another much, much smaller box—it is my annual Birthday Blowup Swimming Pool. It has been there now for six days. Had it arrived two weeks earlier, I would have enjoyed fourteen days when temperatures ranged in a record-setting range averaging 92 degrees! Had the pool package arrived before the monsoons, I would have enjoyed lolling under the oaks, stretched out in my own private oasis, welcoming friends to sit and chat and to take a dip, a shallow dip, yes, but a cooling dip.
I do wish Senoia had a public pool. They are such a thing of the past in most small towns. Well, PTC has Glenloch Pool in South PTC still open for the general public and the very nice bubble dome year-round pool over in the Kedron area, I think. Many newer neighborhoods have pools and clubhouses, and many homeowners have built private pools. None of those options will work for me. I seriously miss our beautiful ole vinyl lined pool of over 33 years. Not Bill. He shook the sand off his sandals when we moved! Just when the salt water option arrived to make the private homeowner’s job of pool maintenance so much easier, we said Goodbye to PTC.
Once about three years ago, the streets and gutters were running wild here in Senoia just like they did yesterday and I had such a longing to swim or at least to soak my head, my feet, my arms, and legs that I chose to simply do my Gene Kelly rendition of “Singing in the Rain.” So I donned my black one piece and grabbed the very large black umbrella to use in my dance routine, not for protection from the rain. No! The point was to get Wet. All over wet.
It was glorious! “Oh, what a feeling, I’m happy again…La da da dee da…la..da..dadee..da.” Tap, tap, tap, down the street I went with the rolled up umbrella.
Well. I just looked at the 10-Day Forecast. We have one SunShiny day coming up. Thursday. Then we are back to a 40 percent chance of rain daily, like…Forever! OK. And do we remember that we need solar panels and solar panels need SunShine to make energy. So now, “Woke” Climate Activist Alarmists and Swedish liberals—feeling what they term “Flight Shame’—believe we must start boycotting Flying. This is until, of course, until we have developed Electric /Solar-Powered airplanes. Chris Horner, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” seems to think this “will happen right after the LA to Honolulu Bullet Train is completed …” which some politicians actually envision, in other words, Never. To be honest, most us don’t really see a future in a “carbon neutral” country with no emissions. Just not possible. Come on, there is no magic pixie fuel that the fossil fuel industry has been hiding. You can spend zillions trying, but I for one, don’t believe you can accomplish the claims of the Green New Deal Woke Folk. Nope. No emissions: then No Air travel. Are you feeling that Flight Shame? Me neither. A dose of reality might help about now.
And if you have been following my round-about essay here, you will understand why I am so unwilling to believe that we will ever have a serious dependence on Solar Energy. Where is the Sun? And where is it going to be for the next 14 days and beyond….
Where are my dreams for a summer pool no matter how small? My biggest quandary today is “Do I take my beautiful blue inflatable pool back to Walmart and exchange it for some board games and DVDs?” What would the Green New Deal folks say?

Note to my readers: How are you? I am suffering from a horrible summer cold and wish I could just get a little sunshine! I race outside when the rain breaks and try to soak up a few rays, but it hasn’t been enough Vitamin D to help cure the sore throat and sniffles! Ugh. I hope you stay well.