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Judge Thompson looks back on a busy year in the community

State Court Judge Jason B. Thompson will have another busy year in 2018. After implementing the Griffin Judicial Circuit’s first DUI Court, the first 10 participants successfully graduated last year. The DUI Court program has blossomed this year and there are more participants than ever. Judge Thompson was asked to participate in national training for DUI Courts in El Paso.

Additionally, there have been several students that “shadowed” Judge Thompson for the day. These students meet with Judge Thompson before the court session and then observe the court proceedings. After the hearings or trials, Judge Thompson met with the students to discuss the legal proceedings.

Judge Thompson’s highlight for the students this year was the live Court of Appeals session for the high school students at Whitewater High School. He spearheaded the event with the Sheriff, Board of Education, and Fayette County Bar Association to provide a unique learning experience for the Fayette County students.

In an effort to visit with as many students as possible, Judge Thompson continued to visit every school in Fayette County. Whether it was an elementary, middle, or high school, Judge Thompson has a program that he brings to all levels of education. With the younger students, he discusses the roles of the judiciary and the branches of the government. In the middle school and high schools, he uses his “Actions and Consequences” program to let students know the perils they face if they make poor choices. Judge Thompson also tailored special programs for certain classes such as a comparison of the modern day judicial system with the trial in The Crucible or his discussion about modern courtrooms and technology with the S.T.E.M. classes. He also presided over a mock trial over The Tell-Tale Heart, the Laws of Life Essay contest for the Peachtree City Rotary Club, and the Most Improved 5th Grade Student Awards for the Metro Fayette Kiwanis Club. Judge Thompson also volunteered for the Georgia High School Mock Trial Program.

He also hosted the Leadership Fayette “Judicial Day” for the Chamber of Commerce as well as spoke to local community organizations. Judge Thompson also provided internship opportunities for students. The high school, college, and law school interns that worked in State Court were also recognized by the Board of Commissioners.

If any student is interested in internships or “shadowing” opportunities, please contact Toni Tumlin at 770-716-4270 or ttumlin@fayettecountyga.gov. If any organization is interested in learning more about the new DUI Court, please contact Martha Hall at 770-716-4328 or mhall@fayettecountyga.gov to schedule an opportunity for Judge Thompson to speak at your next meeting.