At their last meeting, the Board of Commissioners honored Floyd Jones for his service as county clerk. Jones will be the new Elections Supervisor.

The county has filled a vacancy by promoting one of their own, selecting Floyd Jones as their new Elections Supervisor. Jones previously served as County Clerk.
“At the end of the day, unanimously, we all agreed that Floyd was the best candidate for the position,” said County Manager Steve Rapson.
Jones replaces Tom Saywer, who was let go in June of this year. Sawyer had held the position for the previous 10 years.
Rapson noted that the salary of the position will be adjusted so that Jones will not be taking a pay cut in taking the new position. The county will save roughly $3,700. Additionally, as part of the reorganization of the Elections Office, the position of Elections Manager will also be created, replacing one of the current clerk positions and not increasing the total number of employees..
“They feel like, in that particular department, there is a director and a lot of clerks, and they needed someone in between those two,” said Rapson. “They wanted to create, in essence, a number two.”
Tameca White, Chief Deputy County Clerk, will serve as the Interim County Clerk. The county will now open the process of finding a permanent County Clerk.
The Board unanimously approved the reorganization.