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Is anything original anymore?

SJ is part of a local writers group in Senoia that meets the third Saturday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Senoia Library. You can also follow more of her writing at creativejuices-sjcox.tumblr.com.

How many times have you watched your favorite movie? How many times have you read and re-read your favorite book? The endings never change but that same feel good adventure always welcomes you in and allows you to become a part of the story. It’s been a way to escape life’s problems for just a little while for every person on the planet forever.
The movie industry spends billions upon billions of dollars a year on making just the right box office hit that will bring in not only the fans but also the money. The publishing industry is constantly spending billions coming out with new books on a daily basis. It begs the question, is anything original anymore?
It has been said that there are no new ideas, just different takes on the same idea. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. How many movies have been made and remade in recent years? To name a few, “The Magnificent Seven,” “Ghostbusters,” “You’ve Got Mail” (which was originally “The Shop Around the Corner”), “Ben-Hur,” and “Alice In Wonderland.” All are popular stories that have had different interpretations and artistic visions over the years, making them a whole different experience.
As for books, there is usually a specific formula for writing novels. When it comes to writing there are several formulas out there depending on the type of novel you want to write. They all have certain requirements depending on the genre. For instance, to write a romance novel you must have strong characters that have instant attraction, then there is an inciting incident that spurs the story forward until they reach the point of no return also known as the gratuitous sex scene. Then at the climax of all the love and romance something happens to tear the couple apart leading down a path toward conflict resolutions and happily ever after.
So are there any original ideas left out there? Well I am sure there are, but if everything is a twist on something else then why not have some fun with it. Either way, interpretation is unique to each individual. Artistic vision is also unique to each individual and so by combining these two things you can create something new and unusual even if it comes from something old and recycled.