Alysen Febrey of Starr’s Mill is the Pitcher of the Year. (Staff Photos by Christopher Dunn)
Angela Heimback of Whitewater is the Hitter of the Year.

Softball season needs a bow put on it. With that comes the annual All-County awards.
Whitewater and Starr’s led the charge for the county teams this year, both qualifying for the state playoffs, with the Wildcats stretching the furthest, making it to the second round. Much of the talent around town this year was very young, cutting a bright future on the diamond as the teams gain more experience.
A pair of truly exceptional players earn top individual honors.
The Pitcher of the Year is Alysen Febrey of Starr’s Mill. Febrey, a senior UGA signee, was dominant on the mound, piling up a 12-7 record with a 1.63 ERA and 56 strikeouts. She was equally as strong with a bat, hitting .438, with a .519 on-base percentage, 7 home runs, and 29 RBIs.
The Hitter of the Year is Angela Heimback of Whitewater. Heimback, a senior first baseman who has signed with Andrew College, was an absolute force for the Wildcats, hitting .456, while blasting 14 home runs and racking up 55 RBIs.
The All-County First Team infield is made up of Heimback, her teammates Hannah Norton, Katelyn Perry, and Ruth Jones, and Laura Sellers of Starr’s Mill.
Norton, a senior catcher, hit .315 with 30 RBIs. Perry, a sophomore short stop, hit .367 with 13 extra base hits. Jones, a junior third baseman, hit .384 with 20 RBIs. Sellers, a first baseman, hit .385 with a .481 on-base, 3 home runs, and 18 RBIs.
The outfield consists of Joleigh Tye of Whitewater, Andie Hume of McIntosh, and Wakana Sato of Starr’s Mill.
Tye, a senior, hit .326 with 1 home run and 16 RBIs. Hume, a junior, hit .313 with a .410 on-base. Sato hit .394 with a .512 on-base, along with 4 wins as a pitcher.
The First Team hitters are rounded out by the versatile Shelby Daniel of Starr’s Mill. Daniel, a catcher and outfielder, posted a .296 average with a .363 on-base, 2 home runs, and 20 RBIs.
Febrey is joined on the pitching staff by Whitewater’s Sarah Middleton and McIntosh’s DeLayne Rotolo. Middleton, a junior, posted a 20-5 record with a 0.878 ERA and 152 strikeouts. Rotolo, a junior, posted a 3.12 ERA, while hitting .269 with a .424 on-base.
There is plenty of talent spilling over onto the Second Team.
The Second Team infield is made up of Rikkelle Miller of Fayette County, Meagan McCamphill of McIntosh, Ashley Lopez of Fayette County, and Starr’s Mill’s Emily Nieuwstraten and Kate Ashmore.
Miller, a sophomore catcher and one of the county’s rising stars, raked to the tune of a .485 batting average with 3 home runs and 15 RBIs. McCamphill, a sophomore second baseman, hit .291 with a .426 on-base. Lopez, a sophomore third baseman, hit .315 with 8 RBIs and added a .984 fielding percentage. Nieuwstraten, a short stop, hit .317 with a .446 on-base and 12 RBIs. Ashmore, a catcher and infielder, hit .288 with a .432 on-base, 3 home runs, and 13 RBIs.
The outfield consists of Starr’s Mill’s Kailani Serapion, Sandy Creek’s Rachel Davis, and Whitewater’s Lauren King.
Serapion hit .286 with a .483 on-base. Davis, a junior, helped key the Patriot attack. King, a junior, hit .357 with 25 RBIs.
The pitchers are Whitewater’s Kinsey Sords and Our Lady of Mercy’s Chauncey Walton. Sords, a sophomore, posted a 4-3 record with a 1.91 ERA and 55 strikeouts. Walton, a junior, anchored the Bobcats team.
There is still plenty of talent deserving of recognition. The Honorable Mentions are Starr’s Mill’s Lea Duben and Alyssa Angelo, Fayette County’s India Martin and Morgan, McIntosh’s Haley Gill, Sandy Creek’s Erica Bowers, and Our Lady of Mercy’s Summer Dorsey.


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