Hannah Thomason of Whitewater is the County Batter of the Year. (Staff Photos by Christopher Dunn)

It’s time to dole out some honors for another exciting softball season.

Whitewater was the lone team to reach the state playoffs this year, but that doesn’t dim the stellar performances we got to see. The All-County teams boast a lot of strong veterans, along with a lot of young talent that will be tearing up the diamond in coming seasons.

Among a number of awesome players, one player in particular truly stands out. Whitewater’s Hannah Thomason is the Batter of the Year. Thomason, a Kennessaw State signee, was nearly impossible to keep off base as the leadoff hitter for the Wildcats, while also shining with her glove in centerfield. Thomason hit .579, stole 35 bases, and scored 45 runs.

“She is one of the best outfielders to play at Whitewater,” says her coach, Robert Townsend. “She is a very intense player and has a winning attitude.”

Edging out tough competition, Alysen Febrey of Starr’s Mill is the Pitcher of the Year. Febrey, a junior, was the Panthers’ ace, compiling an 11-7 record with a sparkling 1.57 ERA with 77 strikeouts in 102 innings. She was dynamite with a bat, hitting .386 with three home runs and a team-leading 31 RBI.

The All-County first team is led off by a tremendous trio of pitchers who are also sharp with the bat in Alysen Febrey, Maci Townsend, and Sarah Middleton.

Townsend of Whitewater, a Middle Georgia signee, compiled a 12-2 record with a 2.50 ERA, while hitting .350 with 26 RBI.

Alysen Febrey of Starr’s Mill is the County Pitcher of the Year.

Middleton of Whitewater sported a 14-3 record with a 1.75 ERA and 121 strikeouts, while hitting .361 with two home runs and 29 RBI.

Shelby Daniel, a sophomore from Starr’s Mill, is the first team catcher. Daniel hit .440 with one home run and 24 RBI.

The infield is composed of Maggie Morrow from McIntosh, Natalie Orcutt from Starr’s Mill, Jazmyne Taylor from Sandy Creek, and Katelyn Perry from Whitewater.

Morrow, a junior first baseman, hit .333 with 15 RBI. Orcutt, a senior short stop headed to play at Appalachian State, hit .407, drove in 18 runs, and stole 25 bases. Taylor, a senior short stop, hit .333 and had an on-base percentage of .542. Perry, a freshman third baseman, hit .422 and drove in 43 runs.

The outfield is made up of Whitewater teammates Hannah Thomason and Rena Jenkins, along with Starr’s Mill’s Sarah Flanders.

Jenkins, a senior, hit .415, stole 20 bases, and drove in 26 runs. Flanders, a senior, hit .365 with one home run, 17 RBI, and nine stolen bases.

The All-County second team is filled with a host of top talent.

DeLayne Rotolo of McIntosh is a key cog for her team. Rotolo, a sophomore pitcher and catcher, hit .290 with 14 RBI.

One senior and a pair of freshman catchers make in the team. Breanna Burgett of Whitewater hit .393 with two home runs and 41 RBI. The fabulous freshmen are Rikkelle Miller of Fayette County and Erica Bowers of Sandy Creek. Miller hit .408 with one home run and six RBI, while Bowers hit .407 with a .529 on-base percentage and six RBI.

Angela Heimback of Whitewater, Asia Wiles of Our Lady of Mercy, and Starr’s Mill’s Emily Nieuwstraten and Kristen Simpson fill out the infield.

Heimback, a junior first baseman, hit. 325 with three home runs and 27 RBI. Wiles, a senior short stop, hit .520, while leading the team in average, RBI, and stolen bases. Nieuwstraten, a freshman third baseman, hit .277 with nine RBI. Simpson, a second baseman, hit .256 with 11 RBI.

Joleigh Tye of Whitewater and Melanie Garlock of McIntosh round out the outfield.

There is still plenty of talent left to honor. The honorable mentions from Whitewater are Ruth Jones and Hannah Norton. The honorable mentions for McIntosh are Jordan Roy, Jordan Crutchfield, and Haley Gill. The honorable mentions for Sandy Creek are Simone Floyd, Sydney Johnson, Bridget Arquette, and Amanda Jackson. The honorable mentions for Fayette County are Courtney Perry and Trinity Brown. Our Lady of Mercy’s honorable mention is Chauncey Walton.