Peachtree City residents got a preview of coming attractions Jan. 16 about a big change to a traffic headache in the city.

On Jan. 23, residents are invited to an open house from 5-7 p.m. at the Peachtree City Library to discuss DOT’s plan for improving the much maligned Hey. 54/Hwy. 74 intersection.

But last Thursday, DOT’s Keith Strickland gave an overview of the proposed DOT Displaced Left Turn at the intersection.

The proposal would create a free flow right turn for traffic southbound on Hwy. 74 for now into Coweta County.

Developed 20 years ago, over 60 DLT’s operate worldwide. They are intuitive to drivers (turn left and go left) and are a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional intersection configurations. 

Strickland said the displaced turn lane was implemented at a busy intersection in Baton rouge, and the wait time went from three to four minutes to 30- 40 seconds.

He said the project involves removing left turn lanes on Hwy. 74, which would improve operations at the intersection and improve timing issues at intersections to the west.