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Veterans Day is a day to honor the men and women who have gratefully served our country both in times of peace and times of need. Some of those people made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives so the citizens of this great nation could enjoy the freedoms we have today, others served their time and were able to go on to live productive lives knowing that they did their part to maintain our freedom.
Last year I had the honor of being asked to attend a Veterans Day service at the First Baptist Church of Peachtree City as they honored their Veterans. After writing a beautiful tribute to their service, members of the congregation asked me to return again this year, and I was honored to be a part of the festivities.
In the lobby before entering the sanctuary were two tables, one laid out with two books filled with biographies and pictures of the men and women of the congregation who had served in all branches of the military. Within those biographies you could read about their triumphs and award in the service as well as about their family members and the lives they went on to lead after their service ended. It was a great collection of history. The second table was laden with a specially created individualized keepsake coin packaged to look like a service medal and branded with the date of this special church service. This was made so that each person attending the service could take one home for their children and grandchildren in order to remember those who were being honored on this holiday weekend.
The service itself was a beautiful tribute to not only those who served, but specifically honored those World War II and Korean War Veterans that still remained among the congregation. The service itself was filled with patriotic music and messages. Presiding over the service and delivering the sermon was Pastor Joey Rodgers. He had a very powerful message in his sermon about sacrifice and persecution.
“Followers of God must stand for what is righteous and good. Veterans are a representation of just that because the do so to protect what we believe in.”
We were also honored to have Senator Marty Harmon and the Commissioner of Veteran Affairs in Georgia, Mike Roby, present to say a few words in person. They gave out a special commemorative coin created specifically in honor of Veterans, along with a certificate of thanks to those remaining World War II and Korean War Veterans.
Though he could not be there in person, a video of Congressmen Ferguson and Representative Colonel Jack Bergman was also played thanking the Veterans for their service and letting them know how important they are to this great nation. The pastor asked those present who had served to stand in recognition, which was followed by a round of applause in appreciation from the rest of the congregation.
Mike Roby wrapped up his portion of the service by saying, “There is never a wrong time and it is never too late to say thank you to a veteran. There are 20 million veterans that call the United States their home and all who have served have given up the best years of their lives.”
So to all those who have served their time as a member of the armed forces I would like to thank you. The sacrifices that you have made make the freedoms I enjoy all worthwhile.