Fayette County


Humor site pegs Peachtree City as one of the most bizarre small towns in the world

It may not be the most prestigious honor, but it’s a funny one. The humor website Cracked.com just featured a familiar locale on their list “4 of the Most Bizarre Small Towns in the World.” Coming in at number two is Peachtree City, dubbed “The Town Where Golf Carts Rule.”

Ranked above “A Town in One Building” (Whittier, Alaska) and “The Town Without Tech” (Green Bank, West Virginia) and below “The Fake Dutch Town Where Everyone Has Dementia” (Hogewey Village in the Netherlands), Peachtree City gets a write up referencing the police department’s golf cart patrol unit and the high school cart parking lots.

Though it’s not a serious reference piece likely to make it in the next visitors brochure, they mention that the island of Manhattan is 22.8 square miles and Peachtree City is only slightly larger at 23.9 square miles but filled with two 18-hole golf courses, one 27-hole course, 90-plus miles of cart paths, and over 9,000 households with a cart.

Cracked.com is a spinoff of the now out of print satirical Cracked magazine. The site is wildly popular with over 300 million monthly page views. The story was featured on their front page on Tuesday.