Hotly-contested development near Ingles gaining traction

A once hotly-contested piece of property could be closer to a happy ending. A large plot fronting on HWY 92 and Helen Sams Parkway. near Ingles and its revised plan were met with a favorable response at Thursday night’s Fayetteville City Council work session.

Through lawsuits and reworkings, the new plan from Fayette Ventures, LLLP. seems to be much more amenable to neighbors and the city. If approved for annexation and rezoning, the developable land would total about 66 acres and be home to a maximum of 145 single-family homes. 

The 145 homes is a dramatic reduction from original plans. In summer 2016, the developers were met with heavy resistance from neighbors over plans for 192 single-family homes and 78 townhouses over 98 acres. By fall 2016, a revision saw the concept plan feature 233 single-family homes. Revised again, in January 2017, the plan called for 203 residential lots, a 1.2-acre commercial lot, and an 8-acre self-storage facility. 

City Council could vote to approve the annexation and rezoning necessary for the development at their Feb. 21 meeting.