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Homeless, injured PTC dog Jedi in dire need of surgery, support

Georgia Heartland Humane Society needs your support to help give young Jedi the life he deserves.

by Ashley Grizzle Soeder
Special to Fayette Newspapers


Surrendered by his original owners to a local animal control, Jedi, a one-and-half year-old German shorthair pointer mix, was left alone and in great pain with no hope or family to call his own. Georgia Heartland Humane Society (GHHS), a local animal rescue organization whose mission is to rescue injured animals who are unable to get help they require to heal, stepped up and saved his life from the shelter. He was brought into a local boarding facility to buy some time until a home could be found for him.

While they looked for him a home, Jedi was seen by a vet. It was then that GHHS discovered Jedi had been shot by a BB gun, based on a BB lodged in his back right leg. They also learned that he requires CORA Based Leveling Osteotomy (CBLO) Method of an ACL repair, a procedure that will cost approximately $4,500. This affects both of Jedi’s hind legs.

This is Jedi’s best chance at a normal life. GHHS does not have the funds to cover the cost of this surgery, nor does GHHS have a home for Jedi.

Georgia Heartland needs help from the community to ensure he gets the immediate care he requires, as well as the home he deserves. Because of his injury, Jedi is confined to a small run by himself at the kennel. He deserves to be living the life of a happy, healthy dog. He needs surgery to help his pain, but he also needs a home to heal his broken heart.

Jedi will need a home where he can rest and recover. He needs a loving person or family who can give him lots of love and hugs. Despite how his young life started, this dog shows so much love and happiness to those with whom he meets. He loves to sit in the laps of his volunteer friends and have his soft ears and belly rubbed, he loves to play with his favorite toy – a squeaky orange football – and, he loves yummy salmon jerky treats! He loves to be pet and told over and over again, “You’re such a good boy, Jedi.”

Jedi is a very smart dog. Volunteers have helped Jedi to begin to trust others again and feel hopeful that his day will come when he can be part of a forever family and live his best life.

Ways to Help:
• DONATE: Donations can be made at www.georgiaheartlandhumanesociety.org. No amount is too small.
• SHARE: Share Jedi’s story with your friends, neighbors, and family. Share his story on social media.
• VOLUNTEER: Georgia Heartland relies on volunteers to fulfill their mission. You can give your time if you cannot give money. GHHS always needs help with adoption event set-ups in the community; foster homes are also needed for their animals to stay until a forever home is found.
If you can help, or if you want to schedule a meet-and-greet with Jedi, please contact GHHS at 770-830-2820 or gaheartland3@yahoo.com.

The Georgia Heartland, Inc. was founded in 1995 based upon the concept that all life is sacred and that animals deserve a pain-free, peaceful existence. We are a 501(c)3 animal rescue which receives no government funding. It relies solely on the generosity of the public, striving to maintain its strong fundraising efforts within the community and with area businesses and corporations. We do not operate a shelter but offer services to the residents of our community and their companion animals. Our volunteers are passionate in their belief that all pets deserve loving families and are working towards that goal through various spay/neuter programs and owner assist programs.