150514JrPoliceAcademy_webA gun was stolen Friday afternoon in Fayetteville and the person who stole it has not yet been found.

At a construction site at 936 Lanier Avenue on Hwy. 54 West, where a new retirement home is being constructed, the suspect broke into the construction trailer while the construction workers were out to lunch and stole a 9mm pistol out of a computer bag.

It is not yet known what the suspect looked like or where he or she fled to. The stolen gun was legally owned.

“There was evidence at the scene that led us to believe that what the victim in this case reported was accurate,” said Fayetteville Police Department Lt. Mike Whitlow.

Criminal Investigation Command is further investigating the case. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Fayetteville Police Department at (770) 461-4441.