Part of a promising batch of talent for Sandy Creek baseball, Marquis Grissom, Jr. (left) and TJ Peavy (right) are sharpening up their skills with the Marquis Grissom Baseball Academy. (Photos by Michael Clifton /

TJ-Batting--2016by Russell Cooks

The future of Sandy Creek baseball is very, very bright! Next season the Patriots are returning seniors Vincent Bartolomei, Parker Mallet, Kaleb Slaughter, Thomas Farr, Lawson Dial, and Matt Barrow. In addition, they will also be returning a juniors Bryant Walker and Tj Peavy and sophomore Marquis Grissom, Jr.
Two of the players, Peavy and Grissom, are being trained by former Major League Baseball superstar Marquis Grissom through the Marquis Grissom Baseball Academy. They’re grinding away all summer to get better and help their team get to the next level.
“This past season was a learning experience for a lot of us,” said Peavy. “Our head coach became ill at the beginning of the season, which caught us all by surprise. Many of our players were injured during the season, which caused us to have to make lots of adjustments. As a result of the changes, we had a difficult time keeping the team motivated to continue to work hard as a team. However, I think that this past season helped us to realize that we need to work harder to have a great baseball season.”
The team knows they have their work cut out for them.
“I think we need to improve so that we make the playoffs,” said Grissom. “We need to improve our fielding. We gave our opponents too many opportunities by making fielding errors.”
Peavy added, “We need to work hard in the weight room and on the field. We need to come together as a team instead of as individuals.”
They’re eager to get to work sharpening their skills this offseason.
“I will need to continue to work on improving my fielding, batting, strength, and speed and increase my faith in God,” said Peavy.
If he needs a confidence boost, he can just look back to his performance against McIntosh where he keyed a four-run ninth inning rally. Peavy led off the inning earning a ten-pitch walk to start the rally, then came back up to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs. His patience paid off again as he stayed tough and was hit by a pitch to push home the winning run against an eventual playoff team.
“I need to work on my pitching and hitting,” added Grissom, who is playing travel ball this summer for the Marquis Grissom Baseball Academy 17U team to stay sharp.
Good bloodlines have helped Grissom see the path to the top. “Being raised and coached by a former major league baseball player has meant a great deal to me,” he said. “I want to be the best that I can be and make it to the next level, and a former MLB player is willing to get me there.”
Playing for MGBA is helping them achieve their dreams by teaching them what it takes to succeed.
“It has helped a lot because I want to make it to the next level,” said Grissom. “I am trained daily on what it takes to make it to the next level, and I have embraced the training since at started playing baseball at a very young age.”
“It has helped me to receive top notch coaching, and it has also put me in a position to get lots of exposure, as well as opportunities to network with other great players, coaches, scouts, and MLB players,” added Peavy. “I can truly say that coach Marquis Grissom, coach Antonio Grissom, and all of the MGBA coaching staff put a lot of time and effort into developing skilled baseball players that will become successful baseball players at the next level.”
Peavy, an impact player in both baseball and football, has big plans for the future. “I would like to pursue both of them at the next level, and I have faith in God that I can do it.”
The bottom line is the pair are grinding, just like their Sandy Creek teammates, to take their squad to the top next season.
“I feel that we can work hard and win our region and I’m glad to be in the future of SC baseball,” said Grissom
Peavy added, “It feels really good! I feel that the baseball training that I am receiving through MGBA will definitely help me to contribute great things to the Sandy Creek baseball program. I feel strongly that we will have many of our players play and be successful at the next level.”