Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

Is there anything sweeter than settling down alone in front of a cozy fire for a quiet evening with a pile of old photo books, of spending an hour or two indulging in memories of friends and family? Is there anything sweeter than flipping through wedding albums, or baby books, or high school annuals and shedding an obligatory tear or two with a hankie handy?
Of course there is, as I discovered earlier this week when my granddaughter (emphasis on the “grand”) came over for a much-anticipated overnight visit. After feeding this beautiful nearly fifteen-year-old a hamburger the size of Detroit at a local Senoia eatery, Nic and Norman’s, we rode around admiring the new buildings and lovely shops that had popped up since Erin’s last visit. She drove the golf cart, a skill she has practiced for years on the paths of Peachtree City, as Bill and I enjoyed viewing the new buildings fronting Main Street and exclaiming as we realized that the barricades were partially down and that there was a clever little path from Main to Barnes Street!  Barnes is still blocked, but progress is as evident as the daffodils popping up and the cherry blossoms painting the limbs of trees who think we are in the middle of Spring!
A bit crazy isn’t it? Beautiful though, just like our precious young driver who “swung by”(literally!) the Post Office so I could pick up extra copies of this paper to share with my friends at the Veranda Inn.
Then it was off to the lake to see the ducks and nod to the many visitors enjoying the comfy cushioned seats at Senoia’s gorgeous Library. If you have not taken advantage of that feature, this is the week to do so; with temperatures predicted to be in the mid to high seventies, reading and drowsing by the lake is a rich man’s dream!
We took the back path home along Howard Street, usually, as it was this day, little-traveled and very safe for golf carts. The newly surfaced road alongside the Police Station and industrial park is a wonderful change. Everywhere we looked, Bill and I recognized progress and change, the really good kind. Kudos to our city planners and to those who carry out the plans. Too often we are quick to complain and not too ready with acknowledgments of accomplishments that make our lives better.
Our little tour finished with a drive around Willow Dell, checking out the blooms and spring cleaning going on in the yards of our neighbors. Erin expressed what we all felt, “I just Love Spring!” she enthused. All that fresh air necessitated a little rest before the next event, a Tea Party just for ladies, of course, hosted by Kathryn Shriver just next door. So a second change of clothes and off we went.
What a lovely, civilized way to spend a late; afternoon—enjoying the company of other grandmothers and a special neighbor Anne Little while being served delicious treats prepared by Kathryn, with the help of her mom and her sister, Ashley, a classmate of Erin’s. Seems Kathryn presented the idea to her mom some time ago and Rebecca agreed to help, but said, “We have to wait for Winter Break!” Winter Break, indeed. I keep forgetting this is not Spring.
Erin may, however, have spring fever, as after returning from the charming and sedate tea party, she fell down on the couch in a rather dramatic heap, throwing her hand over her eyes and exclaiming, “I’m exhausted!” Give me a break, Princess, you are fourteen and I am …um ah…older than you by years. Let’s get the next part of this show on the road!
Because Bill had to go over to the church for a meeting and because no supper was planned, I suggested we go to the gym for a petite workout. I had prearranged with the management to have Erin as my guest. No problem there. The problem was the beautiful pile of long arms and legs on the couch trying to watch “Princess Diaries” for the umpteenth time. “Let’s go, kiddo.”  And so we went…after we changed clothes…again. The Snap Fitness is a wonderful addition to Senoia and only blocks from my home, I have no excuses not to visit on a regular basis. I have been met with some success and encourage others, especially “seniors,” to begin a program that may not make models out of them, but will give them needed strength to walk the brick sidewalks and visit new shops like JayLynn’s new florist and furniture market and “Eklektiks” next door, with an “eclectic” selection of paints, and Mississippi Miracle Mud products. I love both these!
Turns out, Erin was right at home on all those strange machines. I stick pretty much to the treadmill and the bikes. She’s even agreed to head back over this morning. So, let me put this baby to bed, by adding that even more precious than a solitary evening spent poring over pages of the past, and sniffling into a hankie, is cuddling up on the sofa with my teenaged granddaughter, flipping through the 8 x 10 pages of colorful, carefully scrapbooked pages which cover the years of her young life…and laughing. The only tears here were tears of laughter! Gotta Love It.