GOP: Selling out our nation?

“I just am embarrassed, almost, that the Speaker would take this document, having not seen it, and take it to an impeachment conversation,” – Senator David Perdue.

I was a Georgia Republican because I witnessed the obvious corruption of Speaker Murphy and the Democrats way back when I was Director of Health Planning for Georgia. I was in my boss’s office when she was told to approve a nursing home regardless of state regulations or need.
I thought the GOP must be better than those crooked Dixiecrats. I was wrong; same folks different party label.
Even worse, the national party is now the Trumpican Party. Trump only appears at rallies comprised of his supporters. They are heavily orchestrated, right down to who will be placed directly behind Trump in the stands. Those seats are reserved for the very, very few minority voters attending the rallies so that Trump can point out “my blacks” and so on. The truth is that these rallies are virtually all white, with a preponderance of older people who want things to be the way that they were on television in the 1950s, My Three Sons and Leave It to Beaver. The GOP’s aging, shrinking base is oriented towards the past and not the future.
I left the GOP this year due to Trump’s misdeeds and the party’s defense of them, as well as the party’s total abandonment of fiscal conservatism. The deficit is back to a trillion dollars annually, the exact opposite of what Trump promised on Sean Hannity’s show in 2016 when he vowed to “balance the budget very quickly … I think over a five-year period.” 
Like Trump, who has been bankrupt six times, the GOP’s not worried about a bankruptcy. Only this time, he will not be sticking it to his clueless business partners and walking away via legal shenanigans. The American public is now his partner and our children get stuck with the bill, just like in Greece. You can only live on credit for so long.
So, now I’m waiting (in vain?) for my former party to get some courage and abandon him. Certainly, the revelations contained in the whistleblower complaint should be enough for any reasonable elected official to run from Trump (just read it) but evidently it isn’t for GOP politicians in red states who are running for office in 2020. 
Certainly, Perdue is still in the “it’s Trump or die” camp, regardless of the facts. Indeed, our Senator was part of a small group of GOP leaders examining the Ukraine call transcript before its release. Incredibly given the damning nature of the call, Perdue told CNN (9-25-19) that no one had any concerns. That arrogance will certainly come back to haunt both Perdue and the President who, unsurprisingly, also thought that there was nothing amiss in the call.
A few GOP voices of reason remain. Senators Sasse and Romney, for example, at least had the courage to stand up and say the call and complaint is troubling. So did Gov. Kasich of Ohio. Hopefully, over the next few months, some others will follow, but it’s doubtful.
My suspicion is that the broader GOP politician tide will only turn if people like Perdue (Trump’s good buddy who accompanied him at the recent World Series) become convinced that the base will vote against them due to their support of Trump. Given the knee jerk support of Trump by the base, that is doubtful. 
However, if independents (especially educated women) get concerned enough, Perdue may yet regret his choice in 2020. Surely, Perdue heard those boos and shouts of “lock him up” at the World Series. I did.

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.