dealPre-K and kindergarten students at Crabapple Lane Elementary were all eyes and ears as Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Deal used her storytelling skills to bring a children’s book to life, all in an effort to instill a love for books and reading at an early age.
The visit was part of Governor and First Lady Deal’s Read Across Georgia Month.
Deal read “Mossy,” written by Jan Brett. The book is about a turtle named Mossy who has a garden growing on her shell. She loses her freedom when a biologist takes her to live in a museum. The biologist’s niece notices how sad Mossy is, and convinces the biologist to return the turtle to her natural habitat. The biologist commissions a portrait of Mossy as a way to deep the spirit of the turtle alive at the museum.
Deal made the book interactive by pausing to point out people, animals or objects highlighted on the pages. At the end of the story she explained to students that animals and plants should be studied and observed, but then placed back into their natural habitats so they can grow and thrive for future generations to enjoy.