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Georgia Bone & Joint featured on Atlanta & Company

All eyes were on Georgia Bone & Joint as orthopedic Dr. Michael Gruber, M.D. made an appearance on 11alive’s Atlanta & Company this week.

Dr. Gruber sat down with host Christine Pullara and recent patient Francois Wolberg to discuss the company and to share Wolberg’s story following hip surgery.  The orthopedic facility was featured alongside the “Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better” theme of the show.

Georgia Bone & Joint is in practice with locations in Newnan and Peachtree City. The experience goes back to 1983 and they offer a variety of services for patients, including hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacements.

“We cover the gamut of orthopedic surgery,” Gruber said. “We have been in practice as Georgia Bone and Joint for about 18 years. We have the Georgia Bone and Joint Surgery Center, which is an ambulatory surgery center for orthopedics and we do over 3000 procedures per year at that surgery center.”

The surgeries are unique as they are out-patient and relay on advances in anesthetic technology to expedite the recovery process. Gruber mentioned that most patients are able to go home within  four or five hours after their surgery.

“We use techniques that do minimize the injury to the tissue and that is apart of what allows us to do this as out-patient,” Gruber said.

Wolberg’s hip surgery was a successful venture for Georgia Bone & Joint. He told the story of how he started to lose his mobility and was unable to walk. He tried everything from physical therapy to cortisone shots. None of it helped remedy the pain.

“I couldn’t walk anymore for three months as I was paralyzed,” Wolberg said. I couldn’t put a step in front of each other.”

So, he found Georgia Bone & Joint and he went in for a consultation. Dr. Gruber and company were able to help him with two hip surgeries and he was back walking in no time. It took him around six months before he was back walking without a walker or cane.

“When I met Mr. Gruber for the first time, I felt he was the right guy for me and I just did it.” Wolberg said.

Wolberg’s successful recovery was due to vast improvements in hip treatments over the years. Gruber said it has become easier to diagnose and treat the pain.

“Hip replacements and knee replacements have changed tremendously in the last 10 years,” Gruber said. “The components are better and the wear characteristics are better.”

A video except of 11alive’s interview is shared below.  For more information on the Georgia Bone & Joint, you can visit them at www.georgiaboneandjoint.org.