A new “Limited Pour” licensed is set to give some Fayetteville businesses a new tool to lure in customers.

Based on the request of several boutique businesses, the limited pour license will allow businesses to offer complimentary alcoholic drinks for special events, and even everyday business in some cases.

Because state law does not allow unlicensed businesses to serve alcohol, even complimentary alcohol, the limited pour license would be needed to bridge that gap. The license allows a business to serve up to two 16-ounce servings of a malt beverage (such as beer) or two 5-ounce servings of wine to a customer within a 24-hour period. They may not charge for the drinks.

Among the businesses with approved activities are formal and wedding apparel, clothing boutiques, fine jewelry, beauty salons, art galleries, photography studios, and licensed massage therapists.

Brian Wismer, Downtown Development Director, suggested a reduced fee of $50 for the license because the businesses would still have to pay for state and federal licenses.

Fayetteville will be the first municipality to offer such a measure following a unanimous vote from the city council.

“We will be the pioneers with this, which, to me, is a cool thing,” said Wismer in first describing the license at a January 25 meeting.